INTERNATIONAL CORRESPONDENCE magazine·September 2018 issue

This is a special issue dedicated to the Fourth International. The magazine looks at the origins and trajectories of the international revolutionary organization founded by Leon Trotsky  and its meaning and relevancy  80 years after the fact. Published by the International Workers Unity-Foruth International (IWU-FI), this special issue features the following articles:

  • Mercedes Petit: The founding of the Fourth International
  • Leon Trotsky; “The most important job of my life”
  • At 80 years from the founding
  • Mercedes Petit: Opportunism in Trotskyism
  • Leon Trotsky; Quotes from The Transitional Program

The magazine also features a section on the writings of Nahuel Moreno:

  • History has confirmed the foundation bases of the Fourth International
  • “Trotsky’s greatest success”
  • On the world party
  • Why Fourth International?

A free PDF of this special issue Correspondence International can be accessed here.