International Correspondence N°47: Women facing the pandemic and the capitalist crisis

This is a special edition of the International Correspondence magazine with a focus on the struggle of women facing the pandemic and the capitalist crisis around the world. The context continues to be the fourth wave of feminist struggles that began to take shape in 2015 against gender violence and that since 2017 coordinated the organisation of the International Women’s Strikes (IWS) every 8M (8 March) on the International Day of Working Women.

The pandemic, which has already claimed millions of lives around the planet, is deepening all social inequalities and among them, the gender gaps: feminisation of poverty, overload of care and cleaning tasks within the home, layoffs and wage cuts, increase in gender violence and its most extreme consequence, femicides and trans-travesticides, among others.

From the International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI) we promote the unitary mobilisation of women and dissidents to win rights. Through our militants, our parties in each country, and with broad groups of women, we organise ourselves to confront the governments of the day and their increasingly violent austerity policies.


We are part of the great unitary movement of the struggle of women and dissidents in the world. We do it from a revolutionary perspective convinced that a radical change is needed to end this patriarchal capitalist system that has nothing to offer us. Knowing that to advance this change, a new socialist and revolutionary political leadership is needed that will overcome the old and new reformist leaderships that support the class conciliation governments that do not go all the way in the fight for the emancipation of womenand dissidents.

We are socialist feminists and we fight for a government of the working class and the other exploited sectors to put an end to oppression and exploitation on the path to building a socialist society. We invite you to learn about our proposals and fight together for our rights with greater strength.