Solidarity with Catalonia’s declaration of independence!

Down with Rajoy’s and the Monarchy’s intervention! No to any repressive attempt on the Catalan people!

International call by the IWU-FI

The Parliament of Catalonia finally approved its independence from the Spanish State that had already manifested itself in the victory of the referendum for independence on 1 October. After Catalonia’s declaration of independence, the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, of the Popular Party, announced a direct rule to continue subjecting the Catalan people to the oppressive regime of the Spanish State and the reactionary monarchy, continuation of the Franco regime.

Rajoy dismissed the Catalan authorities, the Catalan President Carles Puidgemont and the members of the government of that region, and dissolved the regional Parliament. These positions will now be filled by officials appointed by Madrid. Behind these reactionary measures, repression against the Catalan people is prepared.

The Catalan people and youth took to the streets in Barcelona, Girona and other cities, to celebrate and to support with their massive mobilization the declaration of independence.

From the IWU-FI we salute the Catalan people who remained mobilised to finally achieve independence and we repudiate the direct rule by the Spanish State. At the same time, we denounce the complicity of the PSOE reformers with Rajoy and his reprehensible direct rule. We also reject the positions of pseudo-leftists like Pablo Iglesias of Podemos who declared himself contrary to the declaration of independence saying that it is “illegal and illegitimate”. Statements of this type favour the direct rule and repression by the reactionary regime of Mariano Rajoy and the monarchy.

The revolutionary socialists, we defend the right of oppressed peoples and nationalities to self-determination and to become independent if they so choose. A Republic in Catalonia will open the way for other peoples and nations of the Spanish State to end this anachronistic regime imposed at the end of the Franco regime.

This democratic struggle is part of a deeper fight, for the application of an economic plan at the service of workers and other popular sectors. For this reason, the revolutionary socialists will fight so that this republic is of and for the whole of the working class, on the path to a Federation of Iberian Workers’ and Socialist Republics.

The Catalan people and youth are on the streets and mobilised. We call for the widest international solidarity with the Catalan people in defence of Free Catalonia and in repudiation of all forms of direct rule and repression that Rajoy wants to unleash against the mobilisation of the Catalan people and youth. We call to carry out all kinds of unitary actions of solidarity in the world in support of Catalonia’s independence.

International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI)

27 October 2017


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Solidaridad con la proclamación de la independencia de Catalunya!!

Fuera la intervención de Rajoy y la Monarquía! No a cualquier intento represivo sobre el pueblo catalán!

Llamado internacional de la UIT-CI

El Parlamento de Catalunya, finalmente aprobó la independencia del Estado Español que ya se había manifestado en el triunfo del referéndum por la independencia del 1° de octubre. Luego de la declaración de independencia de Catalunya, el gobierno de Mariano Rajoy del Partido Popular, anunció la intervención para seguir sometiendo al pueblo catalán al régimen opresor del Estado Español y de la monarquía reaccionaria, régimen continuador del franquismo.

Rajoy destituyó a las autoridades catalanas, al presidente catalán Carles Puidgemont y a los miembros del gobierno de esa región, disolvió el Parlamento regional. Sus cargos serán ocupados ahora por funcionarios nombrados por Madrid. Detrás de estas medidas reaccionarias se prepara la represión contra el pueblo catalán.

El pueblo catalán y la juventud salieron a las calles en Barcelona, Girona y otras ciudades, a festejar y a respaldar con su movilización masiva la declaración de independencia.

Desde la UIT-CI saludamos al pueblo catalán que se mantuvo movilizado para que finalmente se concrete la independencia y repudiamos la intervención por parte del Estado Español. A su vez, denunciamos  la complicidad de los reformistas del PSOE con Rajoy y su repudiable intervención. Como también rechazamos  las posiciones de seudo izquierdistas  como Pablo Iglesias de Podemos que se declaró contrario a la declaración de la independencia diciendo que es “ilegal e ilegítima”.  Declaraciones de este tipo favorecen la intervención y la represión del régimen reaccionario de Mariano Rajoy y la monarquía.

Los socialistas revolucionarios defendemos el derecho de los pueblos y nacionalidades oprimidas a su autodeterminación y a independizarse si así lo deciden. Una República en Catalunya abrirá el camino de otros pueblos y naciones del Estado Español por acabar con este anacrónico régimen impuesto al final del franquismo.

Esta lucha democrática es parte de una pelea más de fondo, por la aplicación de un plan económico al servicio de los trabajadores y demás sectores populares. Por eso, los socialistas revolucionarios lucharemos para que esa república sea de y para el conjunto de la clase trabajadora, en el camino de una Federación de Repúblicas Ibéricas Socialistas y de los Trabajadores.

El pueblo y la juventud catalana están en la calle y movilizados. Llamamos a la más amplia solidaridad internacional con el pueblo catalán en defensa de Catalunya Libre y en repudio de toda forma de intervención y represión que quiera desatar Rajoy contra la movilización del pueblo y la juventud catalana. Convocamos a realizar en el mundo todo tipo de acciones unitarias de solidaridad de apoyo a la independencia de Catalunya.

Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores. Cuarta Internacional (UIT-CI)

 27 de octubre de 2017



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International Solidarity with the Catalan people’s right to self-determination

Català | Español

The Catalan people have been demonstrating massively for their independence. About one million people mobilised this 11 September in the Diada (traditional national holiday of Catalonia) to support the country’s independence and establish a republic. The Catalan Parliament approved the call for a referendum on self-determination so that it is the Catalan people who decide whether to be independent. The Catalan government set it up for next 1 October.

The overwhelming manifestation of support makes up a clear response to the monarchical regime that tries by all means to prevent the consultation. The President of the Spanish Government, Mariano Rajoy (Popular Party), with the support of the social-democratic PSOE and Ciudadanos [Citizens], and the Constitutional Court of the Spanish State — with the approval of the Spanish monarchy — have warned that they will not tolerate the referendum and have announced a series of repressive measures to prevent it. There have been arrests, searches and seizures of materials, prohibition of political rallies, suspensions and takeovers of Catalan institutions, threat of imprisonment and political disqualification for the main positions of Parliament (including its president, Carme Forcadell) and the government of Catalonia; criminal proceedings against those who collaborate with the referendum (whether institutions or persons); etc. They threaten to arrest 750 Catalan mayors for supporting the referendum. These are reprehensible facts.

We defend the right of the oppressed peoples and nations (Scotland, Kurdistan, Euskadi or Catalonia) to self-determination and independence if they so choose. A Republic in Catalonia would open a way for other peoples and nations to end this anachronistic monarchist regime imposed at the end of Franco’s rule. This democratic struggle is part of a more fundamental struggle for the implementation of an economic plan at the service of workers and other popular sectors, the suspension of foreign debt payments to meet the urgent needs of the people and the break with the bankers and multinationals of the Spanish State and the European Union. This is why the revolutionary socialists will fight for that republic to be of and for the workers, towards a Federation of Socialist Republics.

On this path, today we defend the democratic right to hold on 1 October, with no legal interference or repression from the regime and monarchy, the referendum called to decide freely for independence.

From the International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI), we call for the peoples of the world solidarity with the struggle of the Catalan people for the right to decide freely on their future and the relations they want to establish with the Spanish State.

We vigorously reject and demand an end to the repressive and judicial measures aimed at intimidating and preventing the free exercise of national self-determination by the Catalan people in the 1 October referendum.

We call on trade union, student, political, human rights, and anti-imperialist and left-wing organisations to carry out and coordinate unitary actions to support the Catalan people, especially in front of embassies or consulates of the Spanish state.

International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI)

20 September 2017


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Solidaridad internacional con el derecho a la autodeterminación del pueblo catalán

Català | English

El pueblo catalán se viene manifestando masivamente por su independencia. Alrededor de un millón de personas se movilizaron este 11 de septiembre en la Diada (tradicional día de fiesta nacional de Catalunya) en apoyo a la independencia del país y el establecimiento de una república. La contundente manifestación de apoyo constituye una clara respuesta al régimen monárquico que intenta por todos los medios impedir la consulta.

El Parlamento de Catalunya aprobó el llamado a un referéndum de autodeterminación para que sea el propio pueblo catalán quien decida si quiere o no ser independiente. El gobierno catalán lo fijó para el próximo 1° de octubre.
El primer ministro español, Mariano Rajoy (Partido Popular), y el Tribunal Constitucional del Estado Español -con el visto bueno de la monarquía española- han advertido que no tolerarán el referéndum aprobado por el gobierno de la Generalitat y han anunciado una serie de medidas represivas para impedirlo, entre ellas, inhabilitaciones políticas de los principales cargos del Parlamento (entre ellas a su presidenta, Carme Forcadell) y del gobierno de Catalunya; procesos penales contra quien colabore con el referéndum (sea instituciones o personas); suspensión e intervención de las instituciones de Catalunya, etcétera. Amenazan con arrestar a 712 alcaldes catalanes si no frenan el referéndum. Hechos completamente repudiables.

Los partidos del régimen surgido de la transición pactada con el franquismo, más allá de los matices, se oponen al referéndum.
Defendemos el derecho a los pueblos y nacionales oprimidas (Escocia, Kurdistán, Euskadi o Cataluña) a su autodeterminación y a independizarse si así lo deciden. Una República en Catalunya abriría un camino para otros pueblos y naciones por acabar con este anacrónico régimen impuesto al final del franquismo. Esta lucha democrática es parte de una pelea más de fondo, por la aplicación de un plan económico al servicio de los trabajadores y demás sectores populares, la suspensión de los pagos de la deuda externa para satisfacer los urgentes necesidades populares y la ruptura con los banqueros y multinacionales del Estado Español y la Unión Europea. Por eso los socialistas revolucionarios lucharemos para que esa república sea de y para las y los trabajadores, hacia una Federación de Repúblicas Socialistas.
En ese camino hoy defendemos el derecho democrático a que el 1° de octubre se realice, sin ninguna interferencia legal del régimen y la monarquía ni represión, el referéndum convocado para decidir libremente por la independencia.
Desde la Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores – Cuarta Internacional (UIT-CI) hacemos un llamado a la solidaridad de los pueblos del mundo con la lucha del pueblo catalán por el derecho a decidir libremente sobre su futuro y las relaciones que quiere establecer con el Estado Español. Rechazamos enérgicamente y exigimos que cesen las medidas represivas y de judicialización tendientes a amedrentar e impedir el libre ejercicio de la autodeterminación nacional del pueblo catalán en el referéndum del 1° de octubre.

Convocamos a las organizaciones sindicales, estudiantiles, políticas, por los derechos humanos, antiimperialistas y de la izquierda a realizar acciones unitarias de apoyo al pueblo catalán, en especial frente a las embajadas o consulados del estado Español.
Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores – Cuarta Internacional (UIT-CI)

20 de setiembre de 2017




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Solidaritat internacional amb el dret a l’autodeterminació del poble català

English | Español

El poble català es ve manifestant massivament per la seva independència. Al voltant d’un milió de persones es van mobilitzar aquest 11 de setembre en la Diada (tradicional dia de festa nacional de Catalunya) en suport a la independència del país i l’establiment d’una república. La contundent manifestació de suport constitueix una clara resposta al règim monàrquic que intenta per tots els mitjans impedir la consulta.

El Parlament de Catalunya va aprovar la crida a un referèndum d’autodeterminació perquè sigui el propi poble català qui decideixi si vol o no ser independent. El govern català ho va fixar per al proper 1 d’octubre.

El primer ministre espanyol, Mariano Rajoy (Partit Popular), i el Tribunal Constitucional de l’Estat Español -amb el vistiplau de la monarquia espanyola- han advertit que no toleraran el referèndum aprovat pel govern de la Generalitat i han anunciat una sèrie de mesures repressives per impedir-ho, entre elles, inhabilitacions polítiques dels principals càrrecs del Parlament (entre elles a la seva presidenta, Carme Forcadell) i del govern de Catalunya; processos penals contra qui col·labori amb el referèndum (siguin institucions o persones); suspensió i intervenció de les institucions de Catalunya, etcètera. Amenacen amb arrestar a 712 alcaldes catalans si no frenen el referèndum. Fets completament repudiables.

Els partits del règim sorgit de la transició pactada amb el franquisme, més enllà dels matisos, s’oposen al referèndum.

Defensem el dret als pobles i nacions oprimides (Escòcia, Kurdistan, Euskadi o Catalunya) a la seva autodeterminació i a independitzar-se si així ho decideixen. Una República a Catalunya obriria un camí per a altres pobles i nacions per acabar amb aquest anacrònic règim imposat al final del franquisme. Aquesta lluita democràtica és part d’una blluita més de fons, per l’aplicació d’un pla econòmic al servei dels treballadors/es i altres sectors populars, la suspensió dels pagaments del deute extern per satisfer els urgents necessitats populars i la ruptura amb els banquers i multinacionals de l’Estat Espanyol i la Unió Europea. Per això els socialistes revolucionaris lluitarem perquè aquesta república sigui de i per les i els treballadors, cap a una Federació de Repúbliques Socialistes.

En aquest camí avui defensem el dret democràtic al fet que el 1 d’octubre es realitzi, sense cap interferència legal del règim i la monarquia ni repressió, el referèndum convocat per decidir lliurement per la independència.

Des de la Unitat Internacional dels Treballadors – Quarta Internacional (UIT-CI) fem una crida a la solidaritat dels pobles del món amb la lluita del poble català pel dret a decidir lliurement sobre el seu futur i les relacions que vol establir amb l’Estat Espanyol. Rebutgem enèrgicament i exigim que cessin les mesures repressives i de judicialització tendents a atemorir i impedir el lliure exercici de l’autodeterminació nacional del poble català en el referèndum del 1 d’octubre.

Convoquem a les organitzacions sindicals, estudiantils, polítiques, pels drets humans, antiimperialistes i de l’esquerra a realitzar accions unitàries de suport al poble català, especialment davant de les ambaixades o consolats de l’estat Espanyol.

Unitat Internacional dels Treballadors – Quarta Internacional (UIT-QI)

20 de setembre de 2017


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September 28th: International Day for the decriminalization and legalization of abortion; Global shout-out for legal abortion

Around the world, 1424 million of women live in countries where access to legal abortion is somehow restricted. In the most poor and unequal regions, such as Africa and Latin America, women face even bigger limitations for being able to decide over their own bodies, with examples like Nicaragua or El Salvador, where abortion is punishable under every possible cause. The illegal status of abortion is one more measure of a capitalist and patriarchal system that pretends to keep us controlled and submissive to exacerbate our super-exploitation.

However, despite the prohibition, 46 million women annually around the world interrupt their pregnancies due to diverse causes. For that reason, more than 50% of pregnancies worldwide end up in abortion. But due to the criminalization of the practice, 47,000 women die each year because of the consequences related to clandestine abortion practices. Working, poor, young and migrant women are the ones that end up paying with their lives. As a consequence, in most countries where there is no legal abortion, this represents the main cause of death among gestating women. This happens since while big labs and private clinics make profit with expensive illegal practices, imperialistic governments like Donald Trump’s, with support of the Vatican and other churches, are fixed on controlling and chasing women that pretend to decide on their maternity, condemning them to abortions in the worst possible conditions.

In most countries where there is no legal abortion, this represents the main cause of death among gestating women

Furthermore, with its double moral standard, the own Catholic Church is the one that defends its pedophile priests, associates itself to genocide governments and opposes contraceptive methods,  and is mainly in charge of chasing and stigmatizing women that want to decide over their bodies and condemn them. Such is the chauvinism and persecution to women that, for instance, in El Salvador, a 19-year-old girl called Evelyn Hernández was sentenced to 30 years prison after being raped and suffering a spontaneous miscarriage. Here, with the local government of the Farabundo Martí Front and the misogynistic justice, the Catholic Church was the main institution in charge of condemning socially this victim, in order to lecture the rest of women.

But the attacks on women’s bodies and lives do not only take place in countries where voluntary abortion is not legal, but also, in countries where abortion has been conquered for long decades, with the “progressive” church of Pope Francis trying to hit against this very important right, taking advantage of economic crisis and austerity policies in health, education and social security. Such is the case that in Poland, in 2016, there was a huge attempt of trying to reverse the right of voluntary interruption of pregnancy. The same thing occurred in France and in Italy, with many doctors declaring being conscientious objectors and refusing to perform the practices. However, the mobilization of women was far superior. In the same way that Spanish women in 2014, polish women threatened with a huge strike that put a stop in this new attempt to reduce women’s rights. Moreover, in Chile a huge step was done by regaining the decriminalization of abortion in some cases, which was totally forbidden during Pinochet’s dictatorship.

Today, in a moment in which people in the world are fighting against capitalist cuts and where women are heading the massive marches for #NiUnaMenos, against patriarchal violence and femicides, against discrimination, harassment and work violence, from International Workers’ Unity- Fourth International, we are part of the global shout-out for legal abortion and we call all revolutionary, democratic, feminist, women and workers organizations to be a part of the worldwide struggle day for the decriminalization and legalization of abortion.

This September 28th, let’s be thousands on the streets shouting globally for legal abortion. We reclaim: sexual education to decide, contraceptives not to abort, and legal abortion not to die. Immediate separation of all churches from all states. Capitalist governments are responsible for the situation of women. Enough with austerity plans that plot against life and health of women.

International Workers’ Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI)

September 12 th 2017




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The causes of the long conflict between North Korea and the United States

Tension has continued to grow in Eastern Asia. The North Korean government would have detonated an alleged nuclear bomb underground (3 September 2017), Trump’s response was not long in coming. He threatened new economic sanctions that are already being dealt with at the UN. He did not rule out a military response. The arms race does not relent. After 25 years, South Korea reintroduces a nuclear arsenal of American origin. It had been withdrawn in the 1990s by an agreement between the two Koreas. What is the root of the conflict? Can a war actually start in Eastern Asia?

By Miguel Sorans

Similar scenes have been recurring for almost 20 years. Is this the straw that breaks the camel’s back and a new war breaks out? With the serious danger of them acting with nuclear weapons?

There are few who believe that it may come to a total war, beyond any of the many skirmishes that have been taking place in recent years. But neither could a war be completely ruled out because of the irresponsible and criminal nature of the opponents. On the one hand, a dictatorial regime of the old Stalinist stamp, hated by its people. On the other hand, Donald Trump and Yankee imperialism wanting to keep its role as world cop at all costs and to favour the American armament industry. Trump, as if to leave no doubts, announced on Twitter: “I will allow Japan and South Korea to buy substantially more sophisticated military equipment from the United States” (Clarin, Argentina, 6 September 2017).

What is the origin of this conflict?

Korea was occupied by Japan until the end of World War II. At the 1945 Yalta and Potsdam conferences, the allies, including the USSR, agreed to split Korea into two: The north for Soviet influence and the south for the Yankees. In June 1950 a war broke out supported by the Korean people. China supported the North Koreans. After three years of war, the South Koreans and the American troops, under the command of the Gen. Douglas MacArthur, were defeated. Nevertheless, in 1953, a UN agreement was signed between the United States and the USSR, forcing to ratify the split of Korea, through the 38th parallel. Since then, the conflict has been left open.

Now Trump aims to put the onus of the danger of a war on the North Korean government, taking advantage of its dictatorial and unpredictable character. But in reality, it is imperialism that for years has been questioning the sovereign right of North Korea to develop nuclear energy.

The UN Security Council, with support from Russia and China, has already imposed some initial sanctions on North Korea. Despite our political repudiation of the dictatorial regime of the Kim family, we reject those sanctions and others that may be adopted. The most aggressive country in the world, the United States, has thousands of atomic missiles. Israel has 200 nuclear bombs. And nobody sanctioned the United States or Israel.

The revolutionary socialists who are members of the International Workers’ Unity–Fourth International (IWU-FI) do not recognize any right to imperialism and their lackeys to question anyone for their sovereign decisions. They are the first aggressors in the world and promoters of all kind of mass destruction nuclear and atomic weapons. Therefore, if military aggression eventually occurs, we will be on the side of the North Korean people.

A capitalist “communist” dictatorship

This does not mean giving any support to the dictatorship of the so-called Workers’ Party of Korea, a one-party dictatorship that has ruled with an iron fist for more than 60 years. This regime continues to venerate Stalin, and has reached the extreme of having transformed itself into a “communist dynasty”. This dynasty was initiated by Kim Il-sung, grandfather of the current president, young Kim Jong-un, who inherited the position from his father, the dictator Kim Jong -il. It is the task of the North Korean people to end this Stalinist-style capitalist dictatorship.

The collapse of the former USSR in 1989-91 and the process of capitalist restoration there and in China left North Korea politically and economically isolated. This, coupled with two consecutive years of catastrophic flooding in 1995 and 1996 and a bureaucratic and corrupt administration, led to a severe food shortage in 1997. The outcome was a famine that left nearly three million people dead in a country of more than 25 million people (South Korea registers slightly over 50 million).

While this was happening, the ruling civic-military and restorationist bureaucracy continued with its high wages and privileges, creating the madness of a “nuclear industry”. At the same time, the country was collapsing, with shortages of food, permanent power cuts and almost without transportation because of the continuous shortage of fuel.

In reality, this dictatorship has nothing of communist or socialist, except the name. Since the 1990s it has begun a course of capitalist restoration following the example of its neighbor and adviser, the Communist Party of China. With salaries of US$60-80, no trade unions and no right to strike, direct foreign investment has been allowed since 1999. Thus, in the north of the country, Chinese capitalist enterprises were set up. In the south, a complex agreed with Hyundai, a South Korean multinational, was created. In the rest of the country, there are already investments by Fiat, Siemens and Russian, Pakistani, Singaporean, and Thai capitals. They invest in the mining sector, oil, nuclear energy, appliances, railways, etc., with “difficulties” for capitalists due to power cuts and poor infrastructure (there is less than 10 percent of paved roads).

Millions are wondering: why has the North Korean dictatorship continued for years with its missile “launches” and its threats to the US? Do they really want a war that could surely devastate the country? What are they seeking?

In fact, the background of this absurdity is the chronic social-economic crisis to which the dictatorship has led North Korea. The dictator and the privileged and corrupt ones surrounding him are looking, in a deranged way, for a negotiation to subsist as a regime with foreign aid.

The entry of capitalism has only deepened the exploitation and misery of the North Korean masses and the social-economic crisis. This is why the dictatorship lives using the “blackmail” of its “nuclear industry” and its “tests” to seek a negotiation with Yankee imperialism. They seek to gain concessions such as the delivery of massive food (it happened several times, under the Clinton administration) and seeking to agree on a capitalist and commercial status like China or Vietnam. Russia and China encourage this negotiation with a regime they consider an ally.

Trump uses North Korea to strengthen its military presence in the region and to promote the armament business

Ever since 1953, the United States has had a permanent military presence, with nearly 40,000 troops stationed in South Korea, its beachhead in Eastern Asia. And long ago it has declared the North Korean regime as one of the “axes of evil”, as a “terrorist” state. It refuses, since the George W. Bush era, to close an economic-political agreement, as it has done with China and Vietnam.

In fact, imperialism exaggerates the supposed North Korean power to have the justification for its friends to continue to increase business and profits and to keep strengthening its military presence in South Korea and in the whole region. Each North Korean “threat” has helped to increase its presence in troops, aircraft, and ships in a key region. There is a serious suspicion that North Korea does not have the nuclear and missile power it declares and that, if it were to use it, it would end quickly because it is a very backward country in infrastructure and industrial technology.

Trump retakes George W. Bush’s “doctrine” of the “axes of evil” and having North Korea as one of his favorite scapegoats to keep using them in his arms race.

The revolutionary Socialists, providing no political support for the grim North Korean dictatorship, we demand the end of the UN’s economic sanctions against North Korea, reject any imperialist military aggression on that country, and demand the immediate withdrawal of the imperialist military presence in South Korea and throughout Eastern Asia.


Miguel Sorans is a leader of the Izquierda Socialista [Socialist Left] (Argentina)


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Argentina:For the appearance alive of Santiago Maldonado!

The  International Workers’ Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI) recently issued a call to international action for the appearance of activist Santiago Maldonado. From the United States, we express our solidarity with his family and comrades. Below the call for action.

The young craftsman Santiago Maldonado was accompanying the Mapuche community Pu Lof in Cushamen, province of Chubut, Argentina, in dispute with the landholders of the Italian group Benetton, when on 1 August the repressors of the Gendarmerie carried out a brutal attack. Maldonado was arrested and disappeared by the officers of this police-military body.

The authorities of the national government of Mauricio Macri and the provincial government of Chubut are escalating the criminalisation of the Mapuche people and against those who offer them solidarity. In this context, the crime against Maldonado has taken place. Security Minister Patricia Bullrich even tried to cover up the repressors and lashed out at the missing person’s family, accusing them of not providing information for the investigation. Bullrich also revealed the name of one witness in the case, exposing him to reprisals.

The authorities took three weeks to acknowledge that it was a case of enforced disappearance and to begin an official investigation under that concept. They only bowed to social pressure after the carrying out of a massive march in the city of Buenos Aires for the appearance alive of Santiago Maldonado.

That is why we must redouble the mobilisation against the Macri government, to stop the cover-up of the repressors, to find the whereabouts of Santiago Maldonado, for the freedom of Mapuche political prisoner Facundo Jones Huala and the recognition of Mapuche lands In Patagonia.

On Friday 1 September, one month after the forced disappearance of Maldonado, a national protest day will be held in Argentina for its appearance alive. We call to extend this day at an international level. That the trade union, popular, student and political organisations of the world spread this claim and mobilise on 1 September to Argentina’s embassies and consulates bringing these same requirements. Only the mobilisation can bend the arm of Macri’s government and force him to answer with the appearance alive of Santiago Maldonado, now. Macri’s government is responsible.

Appearance alive of Santiago Maldonado, now! Alive they took him, alive we want him!

International Workers’ Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI)

28 August 2017


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In the face of the attack at Las Ramblas, Barcelona

Statement by Lucha Internacionalista (Internationalist Fight, Spanish State)


From Internationalist Fight we solidarize with the victims of yesterday’s attacks and their families. We reject these kind of actions meant to spread terror and fear among people, as well as we repudiate the reactionary fanaticism that inspires them.

Today, we do not forget the thousands of men, women and children that die on the streets of Syria and Iraq, for attacks similar to this one, or under western bombs. For us, there’s no such thing as “first or second class dead”: we rebuff the hypocrisy of European governments that are horrified when blood is shed in Paris, Berlin, London, Niza or Barcelona.

It is false to say as Rajoy or Puigdemont do: “democracy” against “terrorism”, “freedom” against “barbarism”. And it is regrettable that Colau – as it appears to be with Podemos’ statement to the board and the Congress Spokepeople Board- will add to Rajoy’s “unity” appeal. What democracy are they talking about? The one that took us to war with Iraq? The one that supports the genocidal state of Israel? The one in which the King himself sign millionaire arm contracts with the sanguinary monarchy in Saudi Arabia? The one that says that the criminal al-Assad is a lesser evil for Syria? The one that militarized European borders and condemn to death in the sea to thousands of people? The one that cut rights and liberties and criminalized struggles in our country? The one that forces to go into hiding and and being overexploited thousands of male and female illegal workers? All these policies of the European “democracies” serve multinationals. They are part of the problem, not part of the solution. We cannot expect that all that violence, so near, do not reach us. These policies are the ones that feed the spiral in which fanaticism grows and groups like Daesh that –we must not forget- have strengthen in Syria and Iraq smothering in blood the struggles for freedom of their peoples.

For that reason we do not believe the crocodile tears of the governments responsible of this violence too. We will not place ourselves behind their placards, they will only use them to sow more blood and fear.  It had already happened after the Paris attacks, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heading the demonstration together with the other imperialist leaders, the declaration of the emergency state and the French bombing over Syria the following day. It will not be on our name that these policies be validated and deepened. It will not be using the innocent dead people today in Barcelona that the imperialist indiscriminate bombings over Raqqa or Mossul will be legitimated. As we shouted after the Atocha attacks, the bombs in Bagdad explode in Madrid.

We will not accept in the name of our security, either, the militarization of our lives, as it is foreseen by the Anti terrorist Pact summoned yesterday by Rajoy.  We will not accept, either, that borders will be closed to people fleeing from war and a terror greater than the one we lived yesterday here, or poverty. We will not accept, either, the persecution of migrants or Muslims.

We will not place ourselves behind the state flags headed by the Monarchy, we will win the streets to stand by the victims’ families and to shout strong: the dead belong to us,  the people, and not to the violent policies applied against the peoples from here and from the rest of the world.

Internationalist Fight, section of IWU-FI (International Workers Unity- Fourth International), in Spanish State.

Barcelona, 18 August, 2017


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Declaració de Lluita Internacionalista davant l’atemptat a les Rambles de Barcelona

Declaració de Lluita Internacionalista

Des de Lluita Internacionalista ens solidaritzem amb totes les víctimes de l’atac d’ahir i les seves famílies. Rebutgem aquesta mena d’accions que pretenen escampar el terror i la por entre la població, així com rebutgem el fanatisme reaccionari que les inspira.

Avui no ens oblidem dels milers d’homes, dones i criatures que moren als carrers de Síria i l’Iraq, en atacs semblants o sota les bombes occidentals. Per nosaltres no hi ha morts de primera i de segona: rebutgem la hipocresia dels governs d’Europa, que només s’exclamen quan la sang es vessa a París, Berlín, Londres, Niça o Barcelona.

És falsa la disjuntiva que ens plantegen Rajoy o Puigdemont: la “democràcia” contra el “terrorisme”, la “llibertat” contra la “barbàrie”. I és lamentable que Colau -i sembla que Podemos amb el comunicat de la Mesa i Junta de Portaveus del Congrés- es sumin a la seva crida a la “unitat”. De quina “democràcia” parlen? De la que ens va portar a la guerra de l’Iraq? La que dona suport a l’estat genocida d’Israel? La que amb el rei en persona signa milionaris contractes d’armes amb la sagnant monarquia d’Aràbia Saudí? La que considera el criminal Al-Assad, un mal menor per a Síria? La que militaritza les fronteres europees i condemna a la mort al mar a milers de persones? La que retalla drets i llibertats i criminalitza les lluites a casa nostra? La que condemna a la clandestinitat i la sobreexplotació milers de treballadors i treballadores sense papers? Totes aquestes polítiques de les “democràcies” europees al servei de les multinacionals, són part del problema, i no part de la solució. No podem esperar que tanta violència, tan a prop, no ens esquitxi. Són aquestes polítiques les que alimenten l’espiral en què creix el fanatisme i grups com Daeix que -cal no oblidar-ho- s’han fet forts a Síria i l’Iraq sufocant en sang la lluita per la llibertat dels seus pobles.

Per això no ens creiem les llàgrimes de cocodril dels governs que són responsables també d’aquesta violència. I no ens posarem darrera de les seves pancartes, que només utilitzaran per sembrar més sang i més por. Ja va passar després dels atemptats de París, amb el primer ministre israelià Benjamin Netanyahu encapçalant la manifestació al costat dels caps de l’imperialisme, la declaració d’estat d’emergència i els bombardejos francesos de l’endemà sobre Síria. No serà en el nostre nom, que es validin i s’aprofundeixin aquestes polítiques un cop més. No serà utilitzant els morts innocents d’avui a Barcelona que es legitimaran els bombardejos indiscriminats de l’imperialisme sobre Raqqa o Mossul. Com vam cridar després dels atemptats d’Atocha, les bombes a Bagdad esclaten a Madrid.

Tampoc en nom de la nostra seguretat acceptarem la militarització de les nostres vides, com presagia la convocatòria del Pacte Antiterrorista anunciat ahir per Rajoy. Com tampoc que es tanquin les fronteres a la gent que fuig de la guerra –i d’un terror encara més gran que el que es va viure ahir- o de la misèria. Ni tampoc, que es posi en el punt de mira els migrants o els musulmans.

Però igual que no ens trobaran darrere les banderes de l’Estat amb la Monarquia al capdavant, sortirem al carrer a acompanyar les famílies de les víctimes, i a dir tot això ben fort: els morts són nostres, del poble, i no de la política de la violència al servei de les multinacionals contra els pobles d’aquí i d’arreu!

Barcelona, 18 d’agost de 2017



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