Venezuela: A fraudulent Constituent Assembly amid hunger of the people

By Miguel Sorans*

Originally published by La

Beset by massive protests across the country, and after a savage repression that has taken 40 dead and more than 350 injured, Nicolás Maduro convenes a fraudulent Constituent Assembly. It intends to perpetuate itself in the power to continue turning the screws on the people. While they continue paying the foreign debt, hunger grows. There is no bread. Salaries are between US$30 and US$50. Maduro’s government is not left-wing, it is anti-workers. The bosses’ opposition of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD) is no solution either. We must continue mobilising until we bring Maduro down and prepare a political alternative of class independence.

There is something that helps to define what happens in Venezuela and what the Chavista government of Maduro and the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) is. One gets up on a Sunday morning and goes to the bakery on the street corner to buy bread and they say “no bread” and “there is not going to be any”. And nothing else. But that’s not just Sundays, it happens every day. This is Venezuela. Previously there was no toilet paper, but no bread is something else. This is hunger. It is the number one democratic right that Maduro does not meet. For months now it has been an odyssey for millions to get bread and flour to make the “arepas” (tortillas). This is why most people hate Maduro and his government. This is the basis of the growth of popular rebellion. In addition to suppressing and impeding freedom of expression or the right to protest, Maduro does not guarantee bread, food or medicines. It is the time that those who from the left still pretend to defend this regime take notice of what is happening. The bread is lacking not because of an alleged “economic war”. Food is missing because they continue to pay the debt (in 2016 US$18 billion were paid and this year US$17 billion more would be paid) and the deals with the oil multinationals continue.

The farce of the Constituent Assembly

In a last-ditch effort, amid the seriousness of the political and social crisis, Maduro comes out to convene an alleged National Constituent Assembly. As our sister party, the Partido Socialismo y Libertad (Socialist and Freedom Party, PSL) denounces, the Constituent Assembly is fraudulent because a part of its 500 members will be designated by organisations controlled by the government and another in “territorial elections” that nobody knows what it means. Maduro launches this manoeuvre to try to give himself time amid the growth of the massive mobilisations that are putting him against the ropes. And on the other hand, with the tale of “participatory and proactive democracy”, Maduro seeks to perpetuate itself in power and not to convene the presidential elections that are scheduled for 2018.

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His goal is to consolidate, more and more, a totalitarian regime with the “single party” model. The government and the regime of Maduro are consolidating like a bourgeois Stalinism. This is a repressive government that calls itself socialist and anti-imperialist but rules for the entrepreneurs and the multinationals. This is why the central slogan, not the only one, to end this situation is to promote the mobilisation for “Out with Maduro”.

A democratic popular rebellion has begun

The dispute is on the streets. For over a month mass mobilisations against the government have begun and are growing in Caracas and throughout the country. These mobilisations go beyond the calls made by the bosses’ opposition of MUD (Democratic Unity Roundtable). Popular sectors of the neighbourhoods and communities that were the social base of Chavismo have been joining in all the cities of the country. This rebellion takes various forms — marches, “cacerolazos” (banging of pots and pans), cutting off streets and freeway with barricades, the march of women, and even generalised looting, which shows the despair of wide fringes. That is why it is totally wrong to interpret that “they are marches of the MUD” and of the “right”. Even the MUD had to convene them pressured from its own rank and file. In Caracas, there have been demonstrations in popular neighbourhoods like El Valle, Coche, 23 de Enero, Baruta and the 5 de Julio neighbourhood in Petare. In Valencia, Carabobo state, in the last week there has been a widespread uprising in the south of the city, very popular and working-class. There have been looting and violent clashes with the police in neighbourhoods such as La Isabelica, San Blas, Los Cedros, Guayos, Tocuyito, among others. This has been repeated in the states of Táchira, Mérida, Maracaibo, Barquisimeto, etc. The National Bolivarian Police (PNB) and the Bolivarian National Guard (GBN) along with the paramilitary “collectives” were responsible for the repression. With a balance so far of 40 dead, mostly young, more than 350 injured and hundreds of detainees. These detainees are being sent to military courts accused of “terrorists”. The student youth and the youth of popular neighbourhoods have great prominence. They make their own self-defence with medieval-style shields and barricades in the neighbourhoods and in the streets. The urban marches, even those summoned by the MUD, begin to be attended by independent sectors that see them as a channel to act against Maduro. In Maracay, for example, a group of young people participated with a sign saying “Neither MUD Nor PSUV, We are the ones below who we come for the ones above”. The revolutionary militants of the PSL are participating in this whole process of popular rebellion, carrying their own slogans and fliers.

The fissures in Chavismo and the fight by “Out with Maduro”

The persistence of popular mobilisation is provoking fissures in the heart of Chavismo that are still incipient but may grow. The main one remains Chief Prosecutor Luisa Ortega Diaz who again differentiated herself from the government. “We cannot demand peaceful and lawful behaviour of citizens if the state makes decisions that are not in accordance with the law”, she said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

Another who took distance was Gustavo Dudamel, the well-known conductor of the National Children’s Youth Orchestra, a Chavista sympathiser, who repudiated the repression. The same happened with the son of Chavista leader Tarek Williams Saab, former governor of Anzoátegui and present Ombudsman. Sports figures like the prominent baseball players Jesus Aguilar, Eduardo Perez and Robinson Chirinos also expressed their repudiation.

The fight for the fall of Maduro is open. As the PSL points out, “the solution does not go through a government of the MUD and its parties. They represent the old bosses and pro-Yankee policy. (…) That is why they do not repudiate Maduro’s adjustment package, nor do they oppose the continued payment of the foreign debt. That is why they also do not clearly call for Maduro to leave, and use the mobilisation, imposed by popular pressure, to seek a new negotiation behind the backs of the people and youth, as they did in 2016 with the frustrated dialogue”.

The struggle for the “Out with Maduro” and his government poses the strategic struggle for a Workers’ Government to carry out a worker’s and popular emergency economic plan, as our comrades in the PSL put it.

That is why together with the mobilisation it is necessary to continue promoting the formation of an alternative political pole with the sectors that break with Chavismo by the left. And to continue promoting the popular mobilisation until the fall of Maduro to advance towards the substantive changes that the Venezuelan workers and people need.


*Miguel Sorans is a leading member of Izquierda Socialista (Argentina) and the International Workers’s Unity-Fourth International (IWI-FI)


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We repudiate the imperialist bombing in Syria No to the Assad-Putin genocide!


About 50 US cruise missiles were launched on military installations of the Syrian regime of al-Assad by order of Donald Trump. They argue that it was in retaliation for the chemical attack perpetrated by Bashar al-Assad days before.

We repudiate both the Yankee bombing and the criminal action of the al-Assad dictatorship supported by Putin’s Russian aviation. Our socialist current, the IWU-FI, has for years repudiated the dictatorship of al-Assad and his genocidal actions and in particular, we repudiate the chemical gas bombardment that on Tuesday killed the lives of 72 people and left dozens injured in the town of Jan Seijun, in the north-western province of Idlib.

Likewise, now we repudiate the bombing ordered by Trump. We do not recognise any right of imperialism to pretend to do “justice”. Yankee imperialism is the greatest assassin in history with its invasions and aggressions in the world.

We call on the peoples of the world and the political, trade union, student and left-wing organisations to express their repudiation of both the imperialist bombing and the al-Assad–Putin regime and to show solidarity with the Syrian rebel people.

Stop the bombing in Syria. No to US missiles and Trump. Out all foreign military interventions. Down with the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. No to ISIS. Support for the resistance of the Syrian people. For the rupture of relations of the governments with the dictatorship of al-Assad.

International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWU-CI)| April 7 2017


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Statement on Syria by the Campaign for Peace and Democracy

We are re-posting a statement by the Campaign for Peace and Democracy organization. We consider this statement to be progressive, especially if we take into account that part of the left supports the dictator under the simplistic idea that “enemy of my enemy is my friend”.-SC


Statement of the Campaign for Peace and Democracy
April 8, 2017

We are horrified by the relentless, cruel attacks of the Assad regime, aided by Moscow and Tehran, on the Syrian people. For sheer brutality the butchers in Damascus have few equals in the world today. But we also wholeheartedly condemn U.S. bombing and military forces in Syria, which will kill innocent people and contribute nothing towards a just solution to the Syrian conflict, while at the same time serving to deepen the reactionary U.S. military presence in the Middle East and reinforce Assad’s rhetorical claim that he is defending the Syrian people against Western imperialism, hollow though that claim may be.

Assad claims to be the only force standing between “stability” and the victory of ISIS, but this ignores the fact that authoritarian, repressive regimes like those in Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Syria are highly effective recruiting agents for ISIS and similar jihadis. The other major recruiters for religious extremists and terrorists in the Middle East are the United States and its allies, with their bloody history of intervention and, in the case of the U.S., virtually carte blanche support for Israel. And while President Trump’s missile attack on the Syrian Shayrat airbase may have been limited, such bombing has its own logic, dangerously putting U.S. imperial prestige on the line and thus potentially triggering escalating attacks and counterattacks.

We are witnessing a set of deadly symbioses in Syria: Assad and ISIS use one another as justification for their own savageries, while the United States and its allies on the one hand, and Russia and Iran on the other, point to the very real crimes of one another to excuse interventions which in no way protect or defend the Syrian people, but rather serve their imperial (or in the case of Iran, sub-imperial) interests in the region.

The war in Syria cannot be understood apart from the broader political landscape in the Middle East. The popular revolutionary uprisings of the Arab Spring, from Tunisia, Egypt and Bahrain to Syria, Libya and Yemen, offered a glimpse of a democratic and just future for the peoples of the region. For now, they have been thwarted, and in most cases, apparently crushed by a combination of domestic reactionary forces and the support of their foreign patrons.

However, the resistance in Syria has proven amazingly resilient: as recently as March of last year courageous street protests under the slogan “The Revolution Continues” erupted in Syrian cities during the brief cessation of hostilities. As reported in The New Statesman, When fighters from Jabhat al-Nusra tried to storm one of these demonstrations in the town of Maarat al-Numan, the protesters drowned them out by chanting, ‘One! One! One! The Syrian people are one!’ This is a maxim from the incipient, secular phases of the uprising, in which Syrians struggled to stem the tide of rising sectarian and ethnic tension injected by the jihadists’ engagement in the conflict.” [1]

It is truly a time of colossal, obscene double standards.

We see Donald Trump, along with most of the mainstream media and leading Republican and Democratic Party politicians, hypocritically deploring the massacre of innocent men, women and babies in Syria — while they remain coldly indifferent to the massacres and loss of human life at the hands of the U.S. and the forces it supports in Mosul and Yemen. And meanwhile desperate refugees from Syria’s carnage are cruelly turned away from U.S. borders.

We also see Donald Trump welcoming Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, while brazenly dismissing any human rights concerns and continuing Obama’s policy of generous military aid, despite Sisi’s horrific record of murdering and imprisoning thousands of his opponents. It is safe to predict, moreover, that if and when the Islamic State gains more and more supporters in Egypt in response to Sisi’s dictatorial rule, we will hear a chorus of apologists saying that unsavory as he may be, Sisi as a secularist leader is better than the barbaric jihadis, has significant popular support, and therefore has to be supported.

Meanwhile, Vladimir Putin, the Russian government and its news agency RT deplore the heartrending destruction of neighborhoods and deaths of civilians in Mosul and Yemen and decry the callousness of the U.S. military — while justifying Assad’s attacks on the people of Aleppo and across Syria. In fact, Russian military involvement, including aerial support for attacks on civilian and military opponents of the regime, has actually played a significant, likely critical, role in keeping Assad’s regime in power.

We completely reject these grotesque alternatives. We urgently hope for a revival of the movements and the spirit of the Arab Spring, which offer the only possibility of breaking out of the death spiral of Middle Eastern politics. Many will dismiss this perspective as impractical, but what is truly impractical is the idea that the great powers, each with its own imperial agenda, will bring justice or democracy. If, against enormous odds, democratic forces are able to wrest an agreement that protects them from continuing slaughter by Assad and ISIS and leaves them in a position to struggle and fight again another day, then their decision to accept such a limited agreement should be respected. But even such an agreement will only be won as a result of pressure from the Syrian people, not through the initiative of outside powers who, despite their differences and rivalries, share a deep hostility to a resurgence of autonomous popular forces in Syria or anywhere else.

Democratic popular forces may be weak today, but our only principled and practical course is to declare our solidarity with their struggles, try to strengthen them, and oppose all those who attempt to subvert and destroy them.


1. The 2016 demonstration in Maarat al-Numan is described in this New Statesman article

Protests in other Syrian cities are described in these articles:




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Repudiamos bombardeo imperialista en Siria!

No al genocido de Assad-Putin!

Unos 50 misiles de crucero de EE.UU. se habrían lanzado sobre instalaciones militares del régimen sirio de Al Assad, por orden de Donald Trump.  Argumentarían que sería una represalia por el ataque químico perpretado por Bashar  al Assad días antes.

Repudiamos tanto el bombardeo yanqui como la acción criminal de la dictadura de Al Assad apoyada por la aviación rusa de Putin. Nuestra corriente socialista , la UIT-CI, lleva años repudiando a la dictadura de Al Assad y sus accionar genocida y en especial repudiamos el bombardeo con gas químico  que el martes 4 acabó con la vida de 72 personas y ha dejado decenas de heridos en la localidad de Jan Seijun, provincia noroccidental de Idlib.

Pero de la misma forma, ahora también repudiamos el bombardeo ordenado por Trump. No le reconocemos ningún derecho al imperialismo para pretender hacer “justicia”. El imperialismo yanqui es el mayor asesino de la historia con sus invasiones y agresiones en el mundo.

Llamamos a los pueblos del mundo y a las organizaciones que políticas, sindicales, estudiantiles y de la izquierda mundial a expresar su repudio tanto al bombardeo imperialista como al régimen de Assad-Putin y a solidarizarse con el pueblo rebelde sirio.

Basta de bombardeos en Siria. No a los misiles de EE.UU. y Trump . Fuera todas las intervenciones militares extranjeras. Abajo la dictadura de Bashar al Assad. No al ISIS. Apoyo a la resistencia del pueblo sirio. Por la ruptura de relaciones de los gobiernos con la dictadura de Al Assad.

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We repudiate new criminal chemical attack by Bashar al-Assad in Syri

There has been a new criminal and genocidal action of dictator Bashar with the support of the Russian air force of Putin. A bombing with a chemical gas has killed 72 people and left dozens injured on Tuesday, 4 April, in the town of Jan Seijun, north-western province of Idlib (Syria). “There are about 560 people affected, but the staff is still in shock, so I estimate that this will not be the final figure”, explains Dr Mohamed Katoub, coordinator in Turkey of the Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS).

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) blamed the attack on aircraft of the Syrian army or Russian aviation, which would have launched bombs loaded with sarin gas.

This crime is committed again with the complicity of the US and the imperialist powers that cynically make declarations of repudiation but allow the existence and criminal actions by al-Assad and Putin.

It is enough to recall the chemical massacre that took place in Ghouta on the outskirts of Damascus in August 2011. The chemical attack by the Bashar al-Assad regime killed in a matter of minutes more than a thousand people, most of whom were women and children who were sleeping peacefully in East and West Ghouta. Like other massacres, the chemical massacre has taken place and the culprit remains unpunished.

We call on the peoples of the world and the political, trade union, student and left-wing organisations to express their repudiation of the massacre and solidarity with the Syrian rebel people.

Enough of bombing in Syria. Out all foreign military interventions. For the release of all political prisoners. Down with the dictatorship of Bashar al-Assad. No to ISIS. Support for the resistance of the Syrian people. For the break of diplomatic of the government’s relations with the dictatorship of al-Assad.

International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWU–FI)

5 April 2017


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Venezuela: nuestro repudio a la restricción de las libertades democráticas

Nuestro apoyo al pueblo Venezolano en lucha, a las organizaciones de izquierda y a los sindicatos ante el nuevo giro anti-democratico del gobierno de Maduro.

En los últimos dos días el Tribunal Supremo de Justicia (TSJ) dio nuevos zarpazos antidemocráticos, profundizando la restricción a las libertades democráticas que el gobierno de Nicolás Maduro viene realizando, amparado por el TSJ, el cual viene siendo controlado por el propio gobierno de Maduro.

Con estas decisiones del TSJ, el gobierno en los hechos, disuelve la Asamblea Nacional en la medida en que formaliza la eliminación de sus atribuciones constitucionales y levanta la inmunidad a los parlamentarios, dejándolos sin el fuero correspondiente y a merced de las decisiones arbitrarias del gobierno y el TSJ.

El Partido Socialismo y Libertad (PSL) repudia categóricamente todas estas acciones que evidencian que el gobierno de Maduro se constituye en un régimen semidictatorial. Un gobierno autoritario basado en el respaldo de las Fuerzas Armadas, los organismos de seguridad, y apoyado por amplios sectores empresariales, los banqueros, las transnacionales petroleras y la burocracia sindical.

El PSL rechaza este nuevo ataque a las libertades desde una consecuente posición de izquierda y de defensa de los derechos de los trabajadores. No reconocemos a este gobierno como un gobierno socialista. Maduro viene gobernando hambreando al pueblo trabajador y haciendo acuerdos con el empresariado y las transnacionales.

Tampoco confiamos ni apoyamos a la MUD. Nuestro repudio a la disolución de hecho de la Asamblea Nacional no es un apoyo político a la MUD sino un rechazo a una acción antidemocrática contra la voluntad del pueblo expresada en las elecciones del 6D de 2015. De ninguna manera sembramos esperanzas en la MUD, la oposición patronal y proimperialista, quienes también son responsables de los males que aquejan a todos los venezolanos. Ellos sólo quieren ser los sucesores de Maduro en Miraflores, apropiarse de la renta petrolera y seguir con el ajuste a los trabajadores.

Estas medidas del TSJ son continuación de las restricciones antidemocráticas del gobierno de Maduro, el cual viene instrumentando las llamadas OLHP (Operación Liberación Humanista del Pueblo), un operativo criminal con el cual se han perpetrado varias masacres de personas inocentes y sin antecedentes penales. Se conformó el Comando Antigolpe, el cual procedió a detener a varios diputados y dirigentes políticos de la oposición burguesa agrupada en la MUD. El gobierno se niega a realizar elecciones regionales y de alcaldes, así como elecciones sindicales, siendo el caso más emblemático el de la federación sindical petrolera, Futpv. Y el pasado año hizo malabares para evitar que se activara el referendo revocatorio, solicitado por un importante sector de la población.

Mientras el gobierno de Maduro muestra su cara más antidemocrática, avanza en acuerdos económicos con el empresariado en el marco del Consejo Nacional de Economía Productiva, y más recientemente, en la Expo Feria Venezuela Potencia 2017, donde otorgó más de 45 millones de dólares a empresas nacionales y transnacionales. Por otra parte, entrega el Arco Minero del Orinoco, y paga puntualmente la deuda externa a la banca internacional. Este año se apresta a pagar 17 mil millones de dólares, y en el 2016 pago 18 mil millones.

Es evidente que el gobierno, con este avance totalitario busca allanar el camino para seguir aplicando el brutal paquete de ajuste con el cual se hace pagar al pueblo trabajador el costo de la crisis, y continuar entregando nuestras riquezas minera y petrolera a las transnacionales a través de las empresas mixtas.

Asimismo, el gobierno pretende perpetuarse en el poder. No es de extrañar que se esté preparando declarar el estado de conmoción nacional para suspender todas las elecciones, inclusive las presidenciales del 2018, y tomar acciones más drásticas contra los diputados, contra el conjunto del movimiento de masas y los sectores que se movilicen por sus derechos, y contra los que disientan o se opongan al gobierno.

Nuestra organización rechaza todo tipo de injerencia de la OEA, en asuntos que deben ser resueltos por los venezolanos. Nos oponemos a la implantación de la Carta Democrática, porque esta representa la injerencia de fuerzas e intereses imperiales respecto a nuestra soberanía, así su llamado sea la justa realización de elecciones.

Rechazamos a este represivo y hambreador gobierno, que sólo ha sembrado miseria en el pueblo trabajador y se ufana de la entrega de nuestros recursos petroleros y del Arco Minero del Orinoco. Hay que salir ya de este gobierno.

En ese sentido, la salida estratégica es un Gobierno de los Trabajadores y el Pueblo que revierta la debacle social y política que vivimos. En ese camino debemos luchar en defensa de las libertades reclamando una inmediata convocatoria a elecciones de una Asamblea Constituyente Libre y Soberana donde el pueblo trabajador pueda decidir todo.

El PSL llama a la Plataforma en Defensa de la Constitución, a la Plataforma del Pueblo en Lucha y del Chavismo Crítico, a Marea Socialista, y a todos los sectores democráticos, a los sindicatos, organizaciones populares, campesinas y estudiantiles a movilizarnos y pronunciarnos unificadamente en contra de estas medidas, antes que se terminen de liquidar todas las libertades democráticas.

Partido Socialismo y Libertad (PSL), sección  de Venezuela de la Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores-Cuarta Internacional (UIT-CI)

31 de marzo 2017



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Women’s International Strike: For an anti-patriarchal and anti-capitalist March 8th

In more than 40 countries, thousands of women and organizations are preparing the world’s first women’s strike for March 8th, the International Women’s Day, which represents a great opportunity to strengthen and unify the struggles to conquer women’s rights.

A few weeks ago, in the US, thousands of women took to the streets to face the misogynist, racist and capitalist politics that embodies the new government of Donald Trump. This movement joins with the great demonstrations that took place in the world in recent years:  #NotOneLess of Argentina against femicides; demonstrations in Turkey against a bill that reduced penalties on violence against women. Turkish women managed to have the project withdrawn. There were demonstrations in Mexico demanding #WeWantUsAlive. There were demonstrations in Brazil and India against rape. In Chile, women were claiming for the right to legal abortion. The women’s strike in France for equal work, equal pay; The protests of women in Russia; the demonstrations in the Spanish State against violence on women, as in Italy and Poland to maintain the right to legal abortion.

That is why, today, in the face of the capitalist crisis that strikes us globally with adjustment measures and increasing misery, the women’s movement has a very important challenge that rests on the strength of all those women on the streets. In this first International Women’s Strike, it is not only clear that we women fight patriarchal oppression that condemns us to domestic work and disciplines us resorting to violence. We women are mostly workers and as such, overexploited due to our oppressed condition, which makes women the largest number among migrants, the most flexibilized and lowest paid among workers. Therefore, this strike must also serve to confront all the capitalist governments of the world, lest we be the ones to pay the crisis.

This March 8th, it can not be Angela Merkel’s day, Hillary Clinton’s, Dilma Rousseff’s or Michelle Bachelet’s. All of them are businesswomen who govern or governed against the majority of women. Instead, we as workers fight for a March 8th that continues the historic struggle of the textile workers who marched in New York in 1908. They fought for their rights both as women and workers.  Moreover, in 1917, Russian women workers went on strike, thus becoming part of the launching of the historical Russian Revolution. March 8th International Women’s Strike will denounce the fundamental connivance of the Vatican against the rights of women, being against the right to legal abortion, sexual education without dogmas or sexual diversity. At the same time, the Vatican does not hesitate in covering up and protect paedophile priests and bishops.

We also want to make a massive strike and demonstration around the world in support of the Syrian refugees, people martyrized by the genocide Bashar Al Assad; in support of all the women who flee from imperialist wars and from hunger. We want March 8th to become the claim of the migrant workers who do the worst-qualified jobs; of all the workers who fight for wage raises, against labour discrimination and harassment at work. We want March 8th for all those who struggle to end trafficking networks for sexual exploitation, against femicides and for the right to legal abortion.

That is why, from the International Workers Unity- Fourth International, (IWU-FI) we call to organize ourselves independently of patron governments, to promote a great day of anti-patriarchal and anti-capitalist struggle.

Women are not going to pay the crisis. Governments are responsible.

Down with the discriminatory, misogynist and repressive laws impulse by Trump.

  • Stop adjustment plans around the world.
  • Equal pay for equal job.
  • Separation of the church from the state.
  • Stop femicides, violence against women and trafficking networks. Not one less!  We want us alive!
  • Legal, secure and free of charge abortion!
  • Long live Women’s International Day! Long live our struggles all over the world!

International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI)

February 19th, 2017



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Paro mundial de las mujeres: Por un 8 de marzo antipatriarcal y anticapitalista

En más de 40 países, miles de mujeres y organizaciones estamos preparando el primer paro mundial de mujeres para el próximo 8 de marzo, día internacional de las mujeres trabajadoras, lo que se presenta como una gran oportunidad para fortalecer y unificar las luchas para conquistar nuestros derechos.

Hace pocas semanas, en USA, miles de mujeres salieron a las calles a enfrentar la política misógina, racista y capitalista que encarna el nuevo gobierno de Donald Trump. Ese movimiento empalma con las grandes movilizaciones que se vienen dando en el mundo en los últimos años. Desde el #NiUnaMenos de Argentina contra los femicidios, hasta las marchas de Turquía contra un  proyecto de ley que reducía las penas a la violencia sobre las mujeres, que consiguieron hacer retirar el proyecto, pasando por la movilización en México exigiendo #VivasNosQueremos, las marchas en Brasil e India contra las violaciones, los reclamos en Chile por el derecho al aborto, el paro de mujeres en Francia por igual trabajo, igual salario; las protestas de mujeres en Rusia; las movilizaciones en el Estado Español contra las violencias machistas o en Italia y Polonia por mantener el derecho al aborto legal.

Por eso, hoy frente a la crisis capitalista que nos golpea mundialmente con planes de ajuste y miseria, el movimiento de mujeres tiene un desafío muy importante que se apoya en la fuerza de todas esas mujeres en las calles. En el paro mundial de mujeres, no solo tiene que quedar claro que luchamos contra la opresión patriarcal que nos condena al trabajo doméstico y nos disciplina con las múltiples violencias. Sino que, en nuestra mayoría, las mujeres también somos trabajadoras y superexplotadas por esa condición de oprimidas, lo que nos lleva a ser la mayoría de las personas migrantes en el mundo, las más precarizadas y peores pagas. Por lo tanto, este paro también tiene que servir para enfrentar a todos los gobiernos capitalistas del mundo, para que no seamos nosotras las que paguemos la crisis.

Este 8 de marzo, no puede ser el día de las Ángela Merkel, las Hillary Clinton, las Dilma Rousseff o las Michelle Bachelet. Todas ellas son empresarias que gobiernan o gobernaron contra la mayoría de las mujeres. En cambio, las trabajadoras peleamos por un 8 de marzo que reivindique la histórica lucha de las obreras textiles que en 1908 marcharon en New York reclamando sus derechos como mujeres y trabajadoras y, también, de las trabajadoras rusas que, en 1917, llamaron a la huelga, dando el puntapié inicial a la histórica Revolución Rusa. Que denuncie la complicidad fundamental del Vaticano contra los derechos de las mujeres, como el derecho al aborto, a la educación sexual sin dogmas, a la diversidad sexual, mientras cobija y protege horrendas prácticas de abuso sexual infantil.

También queremos hacer un gran paro y movilización en todo el mundo en apoyo a las refugiadas del pueblo sirio martirizado por el genocida Bashar Al Asad y de todas las mujeres que huyen del hambre y la guerra imperialista. Queremos que sea el 8 de marzo de las trabajadoras migrantes que hacen el trabajo peor calificado y de todas las trabajadoras que salen a pelear por aumento de salarios, contra la discriminación laboral y el acoso en el trabajo.  Por todas las que luchan por terminar con las redes de trata para la explotación sexual, contra los femicidios y por el derecho al aborto legal.

Por eso, desde la Unidad Internacional de las y los Trabajadores – Cuarta Internacional, llamamos a organizarnos de manera independiente de los gobiernos patronales, para impulsar una gran jornada de lucha antipatriarcal y anticapitalista.

Las mujeres no vamos a pagar la crisis. Los gobiernos son responsables.

Abajo las leyes discriminatorias, misóginas y represivas impulsadas por Trump.

Basta de planes de ajuste en todo el mundo. Igual trabajo, igual salario Separación de la iglesia y el estado Basta de femicidios, violencia y redes de trata

¡Ni Una menos, vivas nos queremos!

¡Aborto legal, seguro y gratuito!

¡Viva el día internacional de las mujeres trabajadoras! ¡Vivan nuestras luchas en todo el mundo!

Unidad Internacional de las y los Trabajadores – Cuarta Internacional UIT-CI)

19 de febrero del 2017


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Heroic Aleppo falls into the hands of genocidal al-Assad

But the struggle in Syria does not end

By Miguel Lamas


After years of heroic resistance, enduring the criminal bombings of the genocidal al-Assad and Putin, the glorious Aleppo falls. At the close of this edition, an agreement was announced that would allow the evacuation of rebel fighters from the last pockets of resistance. With no supplies or ammunition there was no alternative. Under the agreement, they could leave with their light weapons to the province of Idlib under rebel control, after the civilian population and the infirm were withdrawn. Of course, we cannot be sure that al-Assad and Putin will respect the agreement; particularly with the growth of reported cases about the atrocities and killings being carried out by the pro-Assad Iraqi and Lebanese “militias” executing civilians allegedly collaborating with the rebels.

The complicity of the United States, Venezuela and Cuba

Assad’s troops were able to take the eastern part of (rebel) Aleppo with the support of thousands of Iranians, Lebanese of Hezbollah and Iraqi Shiites (both armed by Iran), and the criminal bombings of Russian aviation.

To this end they also had the hypocritical complicity of the United States and the European Union, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, supposed “defenders” of the rebels, but who blocked the entry of arms to the Aleppo fighters and gave the green light to the Russians bombings.

Although to many fighters it may seem incredible, we must also denounce the direct complicity of the pseudo-leftist governments of Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua which voted in the UN (9 December 2016) with China and Russia, against a resolution against condemning the terrible abuses of al-Assad in Syria. Sadly, the reformist world left betrayed the cause for the freedom of the Syrian people and accompanied the genocidal al-Assad and Putin.

That is why the heroism of the Aleppo fighters will remain in the history of rebellion. Like the people who supported them. It should be remembered that since July in the rebel part lived about 300,000 people under a systematic criminal bombing.

The weeks leading up to the fall of Aleppo

The days leading up to this difficult outcome were well narrated in a note published by Lucha Internacionalista (Internationalist Struggle, Spanish State section of the IWU-FI) which states:

“After weeks of intense bombing and months of a total siege that prevents the entry of food and medical equipment, the offensive of the regime of Bashar al-Assad and his allies (notably Putin’s Russia and the Iran of Rouhani) focuses in dividing the rebellious neighbourhoods of the east of the city.

“On 26 November, began the internal displacement of the civilian population that is fleeing horrified from the land advance of troops loyal to the regime seeking refuge in other liberated areas, where the situation is also desperate. There are families who have chosen to make their daughters flee, aware that since the 1980s the Syrian security forces have systematically used rape of women and girls as a weapon of war against the opposition. In the face of the complicity of the United States and the European powers, and the regional powers, rebel Aleppo is bleeding. Activists who for six years have been reporting on the ground say they can no longer make victim assessments because people are tired of counting the dead. Hospitals and schools are out of order. The images that arrive show that Russian aviation uses Aleppo as a field of experimentation of new weaponry.”

“What I understand from the silence of the international community is that what most horrifies them is the freedom for which the people of Syria have fought so hard and are massacred. They are trying to give a lesson to the rest of oppressed peoples around the world so they do not claim freedom as well”, says Abdulkhafi Alhamdo, a teacher of Aleppo.

Physicians for Human Rights pointed out that in the last three years, in Aleppo, there were 45 attacks on health centres, which forced the closure of two out of three hospitals. About 95 percent of doctors also fled, were arrested or killed, worsening the humanitarian crisis in the area.

The fight in Syria is not over

The fight is not over, although al-Assad and Putin have taken rebel Aleppo. They have done so at a terrible cost, and are already responsible for one of the great genocides by which, sooner or later, the dictatorship will have to pay for their crimes.

The defeat of Aleppo is a blow to the Syrian revolution initiated in March 2011. The process is at a crossroads.[1] But the popular rebellion against the dictatorship has not ended, as the dictator himself warns in a statement. It continues in other parts of Syria. Major sectors of the country remain in the hands of the rebels who resist the dictator, such as the province of Idlib and others. As part of international solidarity, we need to repudiate both the systematic bombing of the civilian population and the massacres and crimes of al-Assad’s troops and their allies over the people of Aleppo.

We reiterate the slogans of IWL-FI: Down with al-Assad. Out Russia and its bombing. Not to any intervention by the United States and the European Union. No to ISIS. That governments break relations with the government of al-Assad. For all this, we must redouble our international solidarity with the Syrian rebel people, against the massacres on civilians and against the genocide of the dictatorship.

[1]  See “The Syrian revolution at a Crossroads”, International Correspondence No.39.


Originally published  on 13 December 2016,  El Socialista No.337, newspaper of Izquierda Socialista, International Workers Unity- (IWU-FI)

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On the death of Fidel Castro

By Juan Carlos Giordano

Español| Français|Català|Türk


The announcement of the death of Fidel Castro has had a great global impact. The Cuban people are in mourning. Millions in the world mourn the leader who directly led, along with Che, the Cuban revolution of 1959 who was an example for the revolutionaries and fighters of the world. We accompany the grief of the Cuban people and the fighters of the world left, but as socialists we have had serious discrepancies with the positions of Fidel Castro and the leadership of the Cuban CP.

We repudiate all the expressions by the reactionaries of the world, especially the gusanos of Miami witchery and Donald Trump, who came to celebrate his death.

The Fidel with whom all the anti-imperialist and socialist fighters identify themselves is the one who with Che and Camilo Cienfuegos headed the triumph of the people that crushed the dictatorship of Batista in January of 1959. The Fidel of the agrarian reform, the one who broke with Yankee imperialism and expropriated the sugar and oil multinationals and the Cuban bourgeoisie and landowners. These were measures that enabled the Cuban people to enjoy broad achievements in health and education. The Fidel fighting the Yankee invasion in Playa Girón and the Fidel who in the second declaration of Havana of February of 1962 declared for socialism in Cuba and said that “the duty of every revolutionary is to make the revolution”.

But unfortunately, there was another facet of Fidel Castro that we cannot fail to point out at the moment of his death. We know this can bother thousands of fighters who still believe in him.

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The revolutionary course we have described was truncated by the agreement of Fidel Castro with the bureaucracy of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. Since the mid-1960s Fidel had accepted the Stalinist policy of “peaceful coexistence” with imperialism and of abandoning Che’s policy of extending the socialist revolution to America and to the world. Since then, Fidel Castro began to play against the advance of all revolutions. A single-party bureaucratic regime that still exists was consolidated.

When the people of Czechoslovakia in 1968 rose against the dictatorship of Stalinism, Fidel supported the invasion of the Russian tanks that drowned in blood the anti-bureaucratic revolution. In Nicaragua, when the dictator Somoza was defeated in 1979, Fidel supported that the Sandinistas form a government with the anti-Somoza bourgeoisie and not to advance in measures of expropriation, advising “not to make of Nicaragua another Cuba”. More recently, in Venezuela, Fidel supported Chavez and Maduro’s false “socialism of the 21st Century”, making believe that the country was “building socialism” when the opposite is being done. Chavismo kept the capitalist structure, created joint ventures in oil in agreement with the multinationals, like Chevron, Total or Repsol, fomented a Bolivarian bourgeoisie, criminalising protest and starving the Venezuelan people. Also in these years Fidel and the Cuban leadership endorsed the false “progressive governments” of Lula and Dilma in Brazil, Evo Morales and the Kirchners who applied adjustments against their peoples. And to the interior of Cuba, the achievements of the revolution were being eliminated over the years.

Since the end of the last century, he had been promoting the policy of relying on foreign capital, opening up the Cuban economy to Canadian and European multinationals, restoring capitalism.

Cuba, 1959 Photo: Burt Glinn

We accompany the pain of the Cuban people at this time. And we continue to call on them to fight back to retake the banners of the revolution of 1959 and Che’s message, “socialist revolution or caricature of revolution”, and supporting their right to independent organization — trade union, student and political — against the regime of single party.

Cuba needs a new socialist revolution with democracy for the working people, which will once again be the beacon for the anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist fighters of Latin America and the world.

26 November 2016


Juan Carlos Giordano is a leader of Izquierda Socialista [Socialist Left] and national deputy of the FIT.


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