International Correspondence N°52: Worker’s rebellion in France


The massive mobilisations and strikes of the working class in France, accompanied by the youth, the student movement, and popular sectors, are one of the most outstanding facts on the world scene. That is why it is the cover and central note of this new issue of International Correspondence. At press time, the great battle against the pension reform of the anti-worker government of Emanuel Macron was still ongoing. The masses were already demanding “Macron’s resignation”. Macron is part of the bosses’ governments that, amid the worsening of the capitalist economic crisis, want to increase the exploitation quotas for the working people.

This is why in this issue we also reflect on this global crisis of the capitalist-imperialist system with articles on the fall of Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse, the war in Ukraine, environmental destruction, the elections in Türkiye or the serious crisis of Zionism in Israel. As well, we also reflect on the struggle response of the mass movement with the growth of worker strikes in Europe or the important popular-peasant rebellion in Peru.

In all worker and popular rebellions, especially that of France as before in Sri Lanka, Iran or Peru, the great problem is the absence of revolutionary socialist leadership. A new political and trade union leadership is needed that allows this great combativity, which arises from below and overwhelms the traditional reformist leaderships, to end up defeating the capitalist governments and achieving governments of the working class and the popular sectors that open the way to socialism with democracy for the working people.

International Correspondence, as a magazine of the IWU–FI, seeks to add its contribution to the strategic task of achieving this new leadership by building revolutionary parties in each country and an international organisation calling for the unity of the world’s revolutionaries.