We repudiate the recent assassination of Palestinians in Gaza


Since Friday 30 March, the Israeli military personnel have killed 16 young Palestinians and injured over 1,400, some of them seriously wounded. They used artillery, snipers and even airplanes.

They murderously repressed the Land Day Demonstration. It is a quiet protest of the Palestinians in Gaza Strip. They called for the implementation of paragraph 11 of the 194 UN resolution which determines that all refugee that wishes to return to their homes could do so as soon as possible.

During six weeks up to Nakba Day (Catastrophe) several demonstrations have been set up for the return of Palestinian refugees. Nakba Day was the date when Israeli occupation started. Palestinians commemorate the date as the anniversary of their mass displacement and uprooting during the 1948 war.

Photograph: Mohammed Salem/Reuters via The Guardian

On Friday 30th, the Israeli military Zionists attacked and shot thousands of Palestinians at point blank. Those Palestinians were marching with their families.

All cities in Cisjordania, in the east of occupied Palestine, and the Gaza Strip, are on a general strike to accuse the tyranny of the Israeli regime that uses unreasonable force to suppress brutally a peaceful Return Demonstration in Gaza.

The Palestine Information Centre revealed that on Saturday 31st, every day activities will be paralyzed in the territory: no cars on the streets and on educational centres and universities, and stores will be closed.

Pro human rights activists have called for a demonstration this midday in Nablus, north of the occupied Cisjordania.

Around the world rejection expands against this new criminal Zionist action, endorsed by imperialism and Donald Trump.

Stop aggression to the Palestinian people! Down with the racist War and the oppressor in Cisjordania! Free all Palestinian prisoners! Down with Israeli Apartheid State!

Only a unique State, secular, democratic and non-racist in Palestine there will be peace in the territory. A State with equal rights to every citizen, including Jews that accept this State with liberties. Out the imperialism from Palestine and Middle East. In IWU-FI we side with the international repudiation and appeal to unitary actions of disapproval to these atrocities.

Stop repression on Land Day! Unconditional support to resistance of the Palestinian people!

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (UIT-CI)

31 March 2018