Call for international solidarity with the struggle of the Turkish people

Worker’s Front (Turkey)

At a time when it is been more than a week since we are resisting the brutal repression of the police and resisted several attempts to evacuate the occupied spaces.  At a time when workers of the world have been able to observe how the government impedes the right to protest and expression, and shows the methods ofdictatorial regimes.

At the time when fighting a neoliberal and authoritarian government has spread throughout Turkey.

From Istanbul and Taksim Square we call on all leftist political organizations, trade unions, social movementsand the entire working class and the youth to express their solidarity with the just struggle of the working people in Turkey and to reject state repression as well as the Erdogan government. We urge you to write toconsulates and embassies and the Turkish Prime Minister.

No more repression.

For the defense of the rights of freedom of expression and the rights of unrestricted protest. 

Punish those directly responsible for the political repression that has caused deaths and thousands of injuries.

Down with the Erdogan government!