Statement on Zionist aggression against Syria


For the fourth time since the beginning of the revolution, the Zionist aviation violated Syrian airspace. These violations are becoming more aggressive. Regardless of all the excuses stated by the Zionist state, these attacks are still violating the land of Syria by the Syrian people’s enemy, which continues to occupy part of its territory, as well as the whole of Palestine. With this, the Zionist state would be looking to mix and confuse the public to prop up a very weak government, and it wants po prevent weapons changing hands from an army that for 40 years is not fighting against Israel.

It is obvious that the enemy uses the conflict to carry out their raids because they know that the Syrian authority is not going to. If Zionist aviation, even before the revolution, was run multiple raids with no response from the Syrian government -beyond ridiculous statements-, the lack of a current response demonstrates that the regime continues fearing any confrontation with the Zionist state and does not want a war with Israel. Peace with Israel has been for decades the policy of the Syrian regime: its sole purpose is its own preservation and conservation of an elite that has only impoverished and plundered Syria.

This policy is aimed at establishing peace as the strategic option and the war can not be on the agenda, but that negotiations are the way to “recovery” of the Golan Heights. The Syrian authorities are trying to negotiate throughout the past decade without success, because the Zionist state will close the door.

And if the authority-Syrian-considered “strategic balance” is achieved by Skud missiles, not pointing to the Zionist state, but against the people. They’re them using to destroy Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, Ar-Raqqah, Idlib and many other people, so how the Zionist state wants: these missiles are “released” and progress towards the destruction of the Syrian army and all Syria.

However, the Zionist state wants to hit Syria under different arguments. So take advantage of the situation to intensify its intervention and impose their influence, which had weakened in recent years.

The system is not at the level of a clash with the Zionist state. Only the Syrian people can give the answer, and should bring down the system to defend its independence and regain their occupied territories. So the people is currently fighting an authority that has given up the land, has sacked the country, and is still destroying the history and civilization without deterrent, with full consciousness of the duty to respond to hostilities and fighting for liberation the ground.

The Syrian people fight against the regime was revealed also by the weakness of this as the Zionist occupation, as it is unable to liberate the Golan Heights, and is unable to engage in a war for recovery. In these circumstances, the people has duty to deliver this task. The Zionist state is the enemy of the people of Syria, is a colonial state and must be destroyed.

For all that, we condemn every zionist attack and ensure that the Zionist state is an enemy who you can not live with, and that all his interventions can not warp our revolution.

We are confident in the victory of our revolution!

Coalition of the Syrian Left 05/05/2013