Money for the poor, not for Wall Street and the war!

Below a flyer we have been passing out in New York:

President Barack Obama took office promising change but in reality, his government has proven to represent the continuity of traditional politics by both Democrats and Republicans. It is the continuity of policies in favor of the powerful, rich, multinational corporations, bankers, Wall Street and the war!

Obama bailed out GM, Chase Manhattan, the Citibank and all the great bankers with our money while poverty and the number of the unemployed are on the rise. There are already more than 46 million poor people, the highest number in the last 20 years and there are 14 million unemployed!

So it is for that reason that the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests have emerged in the United States connecting their actions to that of those outraged millions of people around the world.

We stand in solidarity with OWS and we consider ourselves part of the movement. We are calling for the formations of committees to coordinate all youth, antiwar, political and unions organizations in it.

We propose that the assemblies at OWS around the United States discuss a date for a national mobilization and a political program that may include the following demands:

–          No more “bailouts” for Wall Street and bankers!

–          No more spending on wars of imperialist aggression! Troops out of Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world! Stop funding Israel and the murder of the Palestinian people!

–          Money for the people not for the multinationals!

–          Expropriate and nationalize banks and the rich under workers control!

–          For a “bailout plan” for workers, immigrants and youth!

–          No layoffs and reduce working hours with no loss of pay!

–          For the immediate legalization of all immigrants

–          For health coverage and free public education for all

–          For a Public Works Plan funded by paid by taxing those with large fortunes that can provide jobs for the unemployed.

Socialist Core

October 20, 2011