Solidarity with the Wall Street protests


The recent protest in the Brooklyn Bridge with the unjust arrest of 700 people shows that the worldwide rebellion opposing the capitalist austerity measures against workers and the poor has arrived even to the United States.

We repudiate this repression and welcome the fact that trade unions and other social forces are joining in. Meanwhile, the struggles of the Occupy Wall Street movement, and across the globe, workers, youth, as well as the indigenous and peasants are on the rise. 

Due to all this, we send our unconditional solidarity to the protests taking place in the country that is the center of the capitalist/imperialist system and international exploitation.

Orlando Chirino, National coordinator of the United Autonomous Revolutionary Class Current (CCURA) from Venezuela.

Edgardo Reynoso, Union delegate at the Sarmiento railway station, Argentina.

Alvaro Saumeth, Leader of the professor’s union, Colombia.

Wellington Cabral,General Secretary of the Chemical Workers’ union in San José Dos Campos, Brasil.

Carlos Rojas, La Protesta, Bolivia.

October  2011