Venezuelan trade unionists in solidarity with Wisconsin

We publish here a letter that Venezuelan trade unionists sent to the South Central Federation of Labor in Wisconsin to express their solidarity in the fight against goverment cuts and anti-union legislation.


Dear Colleagues
From South Central Federation of Labor:
Wisconsin Workers

We have been following your courageous struggle in defense of union rights and workers in general through these web sites: the International Information Bulletin, the International Workers Unity (Fourth International) and published by Venezuela’s classist labor movement.

Workers in Wisconsin are fighting an anti-union legislation imposed by Governor Walker, an arrogant right winger. Their fight opposes similar legislations throughout the United States. We are in solidarity with workers in Wisconsin just as we are in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya who rebelled against dictatorships in defense of their rights.

As working class union leaders, we want to express our full solidarity with your struggle. We need to explain to our own fellow workers the enormous importance of the struggle of our working-class brothers and sisters in the United States. We believe that the workers’ struggle is an international struggle and that any advance in organization, consciousness and struggles of U.S. workers will greatly help the fight against the exploitation of workers worldwide. We will continue spreading the news about your struggle and calling for international solidarity.

Long live the struggle of workers in Wisconsin!
No to any sanction or dismissal from work!
Respect for trade union rights including the right to strike!

Signed by: Orlando Chirino, National Coordinator of Unitary Revolutionary and Autonomous Classist Current (C-CURA).- Venezuela

José Bodas, General Secretary of Venezuela’s United Federation of Oil Workers , Gas, and Its Derivatives (FUTPV) .