For the democratic right to defend a Free Palestine and in defence of MP Juan Carlos Giordano of Argentina


Local organisations and personalities that support the Embassy of the State of Israel are carrying out an anti-democratic campaign against the national deputy of Socialist Left in the Left Front Unity, Juan Carlos Giordano.

In the Chamber of Deputies’ session on Wednesday 19 May 2021, Giordano spoke out “against the genocidal bombings of the State of Israel in Gaza, the occupation and in defence of the Palestinian people and for the right of both peoples – Jews and Palestinians – to live in peace in the region, without ethnic or religious persecution of any kind”.

Giordano is being branded a “Nazi and an anti-Semite”, in the social networks and other media, by these organisations and personalities close to the Israeli embassy, demanding that he be “expelled” from the Chamber of Deputies. The well-known journalist Eduardo Feinmann is one spokesperson of this campaign.

This campaign goes against all those who defend the Palestinian cause and condemn the policy of usurpation of their lands for over seventy years by the state of Israel.
It would be a serious precedent, to silence the voices that are democratically raised criticising these atrocities, whether in Congress or any other sphere.

We, the undersigned, speak out against the request for Giordano’s expulsion from Congress, as well as any other sanction.

For the cessation of this defamatory campaign and for the defence of the right to freedom of expression for all those who stand up for the Palestinian cause by demanding, in the country and the world, for a free Palestine.

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