We repudiate a new zionist attack against the palestinian people in Jerusalem and Gaza

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International

Monday 10 May we witnessed another leap in the aggressions of Israel’s Zionist state against the Palestinian people with the criminal bombing of the Gaza Strip that killed over 20 people, including nine children.

The tension escalated in Jerusalem in the morning in the middle of a blockade of Palestinian demonstrators claiming against a Zionist march commemorating the occupation and annexation of the Palestinian territory of Jerusalem in 1967. This is another provocation against the Palestinian people. This provocation takes place in the framework of the annual religious celebration of Ramadan, where the Palestinians have been trying for days to reach the esplanade of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is considered as the third holy place of Islam. Israel banned Palestinian access to the esplanade of the mosques with the false argument of “health care” when the Zionist and racist state denies vaccinations to the Palestinian people.

Repression of the Israeli police in the esplanade of the Al-Aqsa Mosque
The criminal repression of the Palestinians, who want to reach the mosque, has resulted in about 300 injured and hospitalised in the clashes with the Israeli police.

The tension was aggravated during the night of Monday 10 when a new bombing of the Gaza Strip by the Zionist army took place. Israel justified the attack as a response to Hamas firing rockets from Gaza into Israeli territory. Hamas had warned to stop the repression of the Israeli police in its attack against the Palestinians who want to gather in the mosque.

The Zionist occupation intends to take additional steps after the annexation of the West Bank, leaving hundreds of thousands of Palestinians on the battlefield, suffering repression, bombings and evictions. This must stop.

The peoples of the world must rise in support and solidarity for the Palestinian people, denounce the Zionist occupation of the racist state of Israel, which is fully supported by US imperialism. The Biden government denounced the solidarity action of Hamas but ignored the criminal repression of Zionists on thousands of Palestinians who have been trying to reach their mosque for a week.

From the International Workers’ Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI) we call for international solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian people. We demand an end to the bombing of the Gaza Strip. No more repression and racist attacks by the Zionist state, and that thousands of Palestinians can freely access the esplanade of the mosques. From the IWU-FI we repudiate this new aggression of the racist state of Israel and we support the struggle for a truly just solution, which is the establishment of a single, secular, non-racist and democratic state in the whole historical territory of Palestine.

Let us show international support and solidarity to the Palestinian people.

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI)

11 May 2021