We repudiate the imperialist shelling on Syria! No to Trump’s killer missiles!


Ordered by the ultra-reactionary Donald Trump, the US, UK and France launched a criminal attack with missiles over places near the capital Damascus and Homs, in Syria.

They justify this attack as a retaliation for the chemical attack perpetrated by the dictator Bashar al Assad over Douma.

Our socialist current, the IWU-FI, has spent years repudiating Bashar al Assad dictatorship and his genocidal actions against Syrian people, military supported by reactionary Putin and the Ayatollahs regime of Iran.

That is why we also condemned al Assad bombing with chemical weapons over the city of Douma a few weeks ago.

Douma and the neighbourhoods of Ghouta are being subjected to a ferocious siege since 2013 and systematically bombed.

The regime and its allies bomb hospitals and civilians.

IWU-FI has been reporting on the permanent imperialist intervention of the US, together with the NATO and their allies, the petrol Arab monarchies and the Zionist State of Israel.

In this way, they support his military aggressions against the people in the Middle East, Syria, Iraq and, especially, against the heroic Palestine people.

Now we repudiate the bombing ordered by Trump.

We do not acknowledge imperialism any right  to pretend “justice” is served in this way.

Yank imperialism is the largest killer in history, with invasions and aggressions everywhere in the world.

We reject the hypocritical statements by the ultra-reactionary Donald Trump speaking about “humanism” and calling al Assad “a dictator”.

It is not the first time the US bomb Syria for “an hour”.

It happened with Obama in 2014 and with Trump a year ago.

Their actions are a smokescreen to show they are the world police and to hide that, in fact, they support al Assad, together with Russia and Iran.

They have been years negotiating and agreeing military actions with Russia with the argument of “defeating terrorism” in order to support the dictator Bashar al Assad who, since March 2011, saw his power at risk as hundred of thousand of Syrian people took to the streets.

Besides, Trump lets the Turkish Erdogan regime to massacre the Kurdish Syrian, in accordance with the killers al Assad and Putin.

We call the people of the world and the political, union, students and left organisations from around the world to express their disapproval to the imperialist bombing.

We also call to repudiate Assad regime and Putin and to express solidarity with the Syrian people.

Stop shelling Syria!

No to imperialist missiles!

Out all foreign military interventionsin Syria!

Down with Bashar al Assad dictatorship!

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI)

April 14, 2018