We repudiate Douma chemical attack! Stop the massacre of Syrian civilian!


Over 150 dead and 1,000 injured was the result of a new chemical attack on the city of Douma, in Ghouta, this weekend.

This city is one of the areas controlled by militias opposed to dictator Bashar Al Assad. It is considered strategic, as it is near Damascus, capital of the country. The chemical attack is part of the genocidal counter-offensive of Al Assad and his allies Russia and Iran. His aim is to do away with resistance and to strengthen the dictatorship.

The Syrian army and its allies launched an offensive to conquer the region in February. Over 1,600 civilians died in the last weeks, thousands were injured and an estimation of over 130,000 flew for the violence in the region. Douma and other neighbourhoods in Ghouta are subjected to a ferocious siege since 2013 and constant bombings. The regime and their allies shell hospitals and civilians.

Only this year, at least three chlorine attacks have been registered, when it was assumed that Al Assad had “surrendered” all chemical arsenal.

We also reject the hypocritical statements of. “Repudiation” from the ultra-reactionary Donald Trump. He allows Erdoban’s Turkish regime massacre the Syrian Kurds, in agreement with Al Assad and Putin.

We call for the international solidarity with the people of Douma, in Ghouta, criminally attacked by Al Assad and his armed forces. We demand to cease the chemical attacks and the cease of shelling. At the same time, we insist on the military interventions of Russia, Iran, US, Europe and the regional powers should retire.

Stop the massacre of Syrian people!

Solidarity with the people of Douma and Ghouta!

Off with Russia, Iran, the US and the NATO from Syria!

 Down with Bashar Al Assad!

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI)

9 April 2018