Solidarity with the Palestinian people! Stop the genocidal Israeli attacks!

Under the pretext of the murder of three young Israeli teenagers, settlers in the West Bank, Israel again unleashed genocidal attacks against Palestinians, with bombing and destruction of homes in Hebron and the Gaza Strip.

This criminal action against the Palestinian people, was aggravated by the vile murder of Mohamed Abu Khdeir, a young 16 year old Palestinian, whose body was found charred. The funeral, which became a massive march against this crime and the bombings by Israel, was suppressed by the Israeli police.

The Palestinian organization Hamas has strictly denied having anything to do with the murder of three young Israelis, as the Zionist Government accused them. In the context of the permanent provocation to justify Israel’s massive bombing, it cannot be excluded that the despicable crime on the young Israelis, has been carried out by sectors of the Zionist military apparatus itself.

The bombardments by the Israeli air force on the Gaza Strip are a war crime, because it is a collective punishment. To the extent that Daniel Barenboim, the renowned Israeli pianist and conductor, has repudiated this action by comparing it to the bombings by Nazism. Barenboim condemned the Israeli youth crime but r rejected the bombing “as if World War II had not taught anything” (Madrid EFE, 4 July 2014).

The Israeli bombardment has already caused three deaths in Gaza, including a 7 year old boy and dozens injured. About 400 Palestinians were arrested. Another Palestinian youth was killed by the army in Jenin (also in the West Bank).

West Bank, a territory that is 20 percent of historic Palestine, and was supposedly “reserved” to the Palestinians, is occupied by 400,000 Zionist settlers who took over the best lands and its waters. Palestinians live in squalor and violence, constantly harassed by military checkpoints and armed assaults which are never punished by the Israeli authorities.

Since 1948, year of its foundation, the State of Israel, powerfully armed by imperialism to dominate the Middle East and its oil, and formed on the basis of European Jewish settlers have colonized ancient Palestine and its stated aim is to expel all Palestinians, something it has achieved in over 80 percent of the territory. Now it wants to expel those who remain, to whom it makes life impossible. What it has never managed is to break the historic and heroic Palestinian resistance that demands the return of their territories.

What happened in the past few days shows again that all plans of “peace” based on maintaining the state of Israel are scams. Under its mantle Israel is massacring Palestinians. It is a racist genocidal state, similar to Nazism in the 1940s massacring Jews, Gypsies, Slavs and leftists. The final fight is for its dissolution and to achieve a single Palestinian state, secular, democratic and non- racist.

We call on the political, trade union, student and popular organizations that claim to be democratic to perform unity actions calling to repudiate the shelling of Gaza and all criminal attacks on the Palestinians, to extend the boycott of Israel refusing to load and unload their ships or planes and to demand their governments to sever relations with Israel.

Stop bombing Gaza!

Unconditional solidarity with the Palestinian people!

International Executive Committee (IEC) Committee IWU–FI

International Workers Unity – Fourth International

5 July 2014