Labor unions must mobilize to fight the far right

The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia where far right nationalists and neo-nazis wreaked havoc on this Southern city resulting in the death of one person and many injured calls for a strong response from the left and working class people in the United States.

We recommend this article [Labor Can Stop the White Nationalists in Their Tracks] from the Oakland Socialist web site which places working class people and their organizations at the center of the fight against racism, xenophobia, and fascism:

“Even in their weakened situation, the unions have the power to stop the white nationalists in their tracks. Instead of putting out an occasional statement and occasionally endorsing a march or rally, the union leaders can call out their members and families to lead a real united, working class opposition to the white nationalists.”

While we think this is an interesting article for us to reflect and debate on the issue of fighting the far right in the U.S. and elsewhere, posting this link here does not imply endorsement of the author or recommendation of other articles on this author’s web site.