Call to Action for January 20

The Covid relief bill passed by the Democrats and Republicans is too little and too late. And regardless of any vaccines, the economic crisis that working class people are experiencing will continue. Therefore, we urge all social justice, socialist, anarchist and working class groups to come together to organize protests to demand the following. We also urge union members call on their unions to do the same. We believe January 20 would be an appropriate date to organize protests across the country, to oppose any possible pro-Trump mobilizations, and to call for:

  • The full $600/week supplemental unemployment be paid to all those who are out of work, regardless of their legal status in the country.
  • No worker should be cut off from unemployment for refusal to accept work which that worker feels is unsafe.
  • An immediate moratorium on evictions and home foreclosures for non-payment of rent or house note, with compensation to small landlords based on proven need.
  • All essential workers be paid time-and-a-half for hazard pay.
  • Full federal funding for housing authorities to provide housing for all unhoused people and full social services.Full food subsidies enough to provide food subsidies for a minimum of $360 per person for SNAP benefits.
  • Stop the violent white nationalists and end Trumpism.

We also recognize that once the Covid crisis is resolved, that we will need a crash federal jobs program to provide work for all workers under union conditions and with union pay and benefits.


We Can’t Wait Till January 20th

AbleD Artist And Foundation Advocacy Center

General Assembly of New Orleans

Mike Howells, New Orleans

Ben Gordon, Pax Cristi New Orleans

Sociology Professor John Arena, City University of New York Staten Island

Belden “Noonie Man” Batiste, New Orleans

History Professor Michael Powelson, California State University Channel Islands

Wendy King, New Orleans

Kim Ford, New Orleans 

Frank Gaczewski, Chicago

Beverly Wilson, Chicago

Instructor Brad Ott, Southern University of New Orleans

John Reimann, Oakland

Rick Sprout, Chair, Broome Tioga Green Party

Socialist Core