Venezuela: We repudiate the coup attempt!

A coup attempt is ongoing, summoned by Guaido, the National Assembly bosses’ parties and sponsored by Donald Trump and the United States.

A military sector has released Leopoldo Lopez, who was under house arrest, and they have stationed in front of the Carlota air base in Caracas and occupied Carlota. From there, they are calling the people to take to the streets and urging other military sectors to pronounce against Maduro.

From Socialism and Freedom Party (PSL) we reject this coup attempt which, taking advantage of the popular condemnation of the famishing and repressive Maduro’s government, pretends to install a pro-imperialist government to restore the old country oligarchy to power. This is no solution to the serious social problems working people and popular sectors undergo.

Our clear repudiation to Guaido’s military coup does not mean a political support to Nicolas Maduro’s government. The PSL has been rejecting the famishing and repressive policy of the government. We consider the mobilised people independently should be the one to oust Maduro and not a coup sponsored by Trump.

We are for a material change, but we believe the mobilised people and workers in the streets of the country should impose this.

We are in favour of a workers’ government that promotes a popular economic emergency plan that contemplates an increase in salaries equal to the basic basket, for 100 percent state-owned oil company, without multinationals or mixed companies, and for the suspension of payments of the foreign debt. But we do not endorse a military coup.

From the Socialism and Freedom Party we call to repudiate the attempt of a pro-US military coup, and not to give any support to a new imperialist interference in our country.

Socialism and Freedom Party (PSL), section of the IWU-FI.
30 April 2019.