No to Trump, Macri and Bolsonaro’s interventionism.We do not recognize Guadio’s pro-US self-proclaimed presidency. Nor do we support the civic-military Maduro’s government

We publish here a statement by the International Workers’ Union-Fourth International on the crisis in Venezuela

We do not support Trump, Macri and Bolsonaro’s interventionism.We do not recognize Guaidó’s self-proclaimed pro-American government.Notwithstanding we do not support politically Maduro’s civic-military starving government.As international socialists, we strongly reject the American political interventionism in Venezuela, by the ultra-reactionary Trump that promptly recognized as president Juan Guaido.We also reject the capitalist governments of Bolsonaro, Macri, Piñera and others recognition of Guaido.They cannot speak of “democracy” and “human rights”.

The US has historically supported military and political intervention against the peoples of the world.Bolsonaro, Macri or Piñera cannot speak of “social” rights as they apply austerity plans and cuts and exploit their people with the IMF and the multinational companies.We do not support the self-proclaimed “government” of Guaido, a Venezuelan representative of the “old politics” and an American fan.Notwithstanding the foregoing, we do not politically support Nicolas Maduro’s regime.We do not recognize his government as one of the “left” or “socialist”.

It is Maduro and the fake “Socialism of XXI century” responsible of the starvation of the Venezuelan people.As it is also responsible for the great chaos it created in the Venezuelan people and the entire world.His bourgeoisie starving and repressive policy has driven thousands of Venezuelans into the arms of the right and pro-American politicians. They believe these politicians can pull them out of the profound humanitarian and social crisis they are plunged.

Maduro announced the breaking of relations with the United States and made a new “anti-imperialist” speech.But he has neither taken measures against the petroleum multinationals associated with PDVSA (state company) as the American Chevron or Total, Shell, Repsol or Lukoil.Nor has he stopped paying the foreign debt or break with the foreign banks or the multinational mining companies.Nicolas Maduro, Diosdado Cabello with the Bolivarians armed forces, is a civic-military capitalist government that took the wages to 6 dollars and caused a social catastrophe and millions of refugees.They make business with the multinationals (joint ventures in petroleum and mining) and they favour the big national companies and the so-called “boli-bourgeoisie” among the civilians and the military.This is the truth, and nobody that considers himself from the left can continue denying.In 2018 health workers, education, cement, petroleum workers and public servants went on strike demanding fair salaries and food. And the strikes grew throughout the year.Despite this, we cannot support an imperialist intervention in Venezuela.Or a coup d’état.

We know that the imperialism and the pro-American Venezuelan right want to take advantage of the popular rage generated by Maduro’s regime to seize power and take control of the capitalist business.With the self-styled “Government” of guided seeking to divide the armed forces who today mostly support Maduro’s regime as most of the high-ranking military are part of the government business.Our sister party in Venezuela, the PSL (Socialism and Freedom Party) has pointed out a clear independent and class path.:“We state that it is a lie that on 23 January a political path in favour of workers and the people will be open.We cannot create false expectations (…) The only way to defeat the government austerity plans and get a way out of the crisis for the workers is to mobilise and the workers and popular fight.They will not resolve the economic and social tragedy with negotiations behind the backs of the working people or with the interference of imperialism and their allied governments in the region.

An American intervention will bring nothing good for the people and we blame those who so irresponsibly call upon it (…), only with the unified mobilisation, autonomous and independent, of workers and people, away from the parties of the AN (National Assembly) and the Great Patriotic Pole-Psuv (United Socialist Party of Venezuela), we could be able to crush the government and their anti-worker and unpopular austerity plans.We must rely on our own forces, organized and mobilised in the streets” (Declaration of the PSL, section IWU-FI, 1-19-2019 IWU-FI supports the workers and popular independent mobilisation of the Venezuelan people to get a workers’ and popular way out to the crisis, a top-down government that will impose emergency measures starting with a salary equal market basket indexed monthly, a plan to import food and medicines, stop payments of the foreign debt, petroleum a 100% state-owned, with no joint ventures or transnational companies. All this money for health care, education, salaries and pensions.We also fight for full democratic liberties, to demonstrate, to go on strike, without political or union prisoners.In this context, we reiterate our call to not recognize Guaido’s self-appointed government and to repudiate any imperialist interference as any coup attempt in Venezuela.

International Workers Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI)

23 January 2019.