Solidarity with Catalonia’s declaration of independence!

Down with Rajoy’s and the Monarchy’s intervention! No to any repressive attempt on the Catalan people!

International call by the IWU-FI

The Parliament of Catalonia finally approved its independence from the Spanish State that had already manifested itself in the victory of the referendum for independence on 1 October. After Catalonia’s declaration of independence, the government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy, of the Popular Party, announced a direct rule to continue subjecting the Catalan people to the oppressive regime of the Spanish State and the reactionary monarchy, continuation of the Franco regime.

Rajoy dismissed the Catalan authorities, the Catalan President Carles Puidgemont and the members of the government of that region, and dissolved the regional Parliament. These positions will now be filled by officials appointed by Madrid. Behind these reactionary measures, repression against the Catalan people is prepared.

The Catalan people and youth took to the streets in Barcelona, Girona and other cities, to celebrate and to support with their massive mobilization the declaration of independence.

From the IWU-FI we salute the Catalan people who remained mobilised to finally achieve independence and we repudiate the direct rule by the Spanish State. At the same time, we denounce the complicity of the PSOE reformers with Rajoy and his reprehensible direct rule. We also reject the positions of pseudo-leftists like Pablo Iglesias of Podemos who declared himself contrary to the declaration of independence saying that it is “illegal and illegitimate”. Statements of this type favour the direct rule and repression by the reactionary regime of Mariano Rajoy and the monarchy.

The revolutionary socialists, we defend the right of oppressed peoples and nationalities to self-determination and to become independent if they so choose. A Republic in Catalonia will open the way for other peoples and nations of the Spanish State to end this anachronistic regime imposed at the end of the Franco regime.

This democratic struggle is part of a deeper fight, for the application of an economic plan at the service of workers and other popular sectors. For this reason, the revolutionary socialists will fight so that this republic is of and for the whole of the working class, on the path to a Federation of Iberian Workers’ and Socialist Republics.

The Catalan people and youth are on the streets and mobilised. We call for the widest international solidarity with the Catalan people in defence of Free Catalonia and in repudiation of all forms of direct rule and repression that Rajoy wants to unleash against the mobilisation of the Catalan people and youth. We call to carry out all kinds of unitary actions of solidarity in the world in support of Catalonia’s independence.

International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI)

27 October 2017