Crisis in Brazil and proposals from the left

Brazil a political crisis after the debacle of the PT government. We are publishing here a list of proposals from the Socialist Workers Current inside the PSOL coalition party.

Considering the current political situation the CST proposes the following:


1) The PSOL and the leftist opposition to the illegitimate government of Michel Temer proposes to workers and the people to struggle in the streets and bring down the government through demonstrations, occupations, roadblocks and strikes.

2) The PSOL should review its policy and  break the political/social front with the PT, PCdoB and treacherous Leadership from CUT, UNE and the MST by promoting the construction of a political alternative outside of the PT and the PMDB blocs. To struggle against Temer, Renan, Dilma, Aécio, Serra and Lula and build independent and working class demonstrations, ALL POLITICIANS MUST GO.

3) The PSOL must cease its argument on the alleged coup and its defense of bourgeois democracy. It must fight the corrupt Chamber of Deputies and the reactionary senate and combat the false capitalist democracy, where  local  business and multinational companies are in charge. It must denounce setbacks in democratic freedoms made by the traditional parties such as the recent anti-terrorism law or gag law against leftist parties in the electoral legislation.

4) The PSOL should propose the broadest unity of action in defense of the rights of workers, youth and the people. It should demand that the unions abandon their agreements with governments and employers, unify their May salary campaigns and carry out a general strike in June to defend our wages, working conditions, threatened rights and in solidarity with the ongoing struggles.

5) The PSOL should propose to the unions; to strike committees; the occupy movements of schools and student organizations; urban and rural organizations; leftist political organizations; and combative movements: the implementation of a national union, popular movement and student assembly to discuss a workers’ and popular solution  to the crisis by building an alternative  economic program that will start with the immediate suspension of debt payments in order to allocate resources for social services.

Socialist Workers Current, Brazil


Translated by Emmanuel; Proofread Cynthia.