Argentina: No to the request for impeachment of the combative railway workers! No to criminalization of protest!

In Argentina, after the successful general strike on 28 August, the Minister of Transport and Interior, Florencio Randazzo, filed a criminal complaint and requested the impeachment (to take away their positions legally) against several railway trade union delegates of the Sarmiento branch. His intention is decapitate the Body of Delegates and the union, led by Ruben “Pollo” [“Chicken”] Sobrero, who fights for and defends the rights of workers and who has been facing the government lies of the famous “railway revolution”.

Without evidence, delegates Monica Schlottauer, Edgardo Reynoso, Luis Clutet and Ruben Maldonado and fellow worker Julio Capelinsky— from the cleaning- sector— are accused for an alleged “attack” against the trains. Nothing could be more false. The alleged “attack” would be waste litter in a car, according to pictures shown by the government.

Tremendously ridiculous.

This is a false accusation in order to intimidate those who struggle and leaders who are not sold; trying to cover up that there was a large national strike.

This false charge is part of a national government policy to criminalize protest, as it is also the case in other countries. Thus the government, for example, upheld the life sentence of oil workers in the town of Las Heras. There is already an international campaign for the acquittal of the oil workers of Las Heras. In the country there are about 6000 fighters processed for several protests. Some time ago the government accused the railway leader “Pollo” Sobrero of burning trains with a falsely set up court case. They had to go back and acquit him because there was no proof. Now they do the same again.

We repudiate this anti-union attitude of the government of Argentina against trade union leaders and delegates who fight and do not respond to their dictates.

There is an ongoing international campaign in defence of the railway workers. We call for the broadest unity and solidarity of unions, neighbourhood, student and human rights organizations, personalities, legislators and political parties.

No criminalization of protest! No to the impeachment of militant railway delegates in Argentina!

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