No to the racist and xenophobic ruling by the Dominican government!

We strongly condemn the ruling of the Constitutional Court on 26 September that denationalizes more than 200, 000 Dominicans of Haitian descent. The Dominican government seeks to apply this racist ruling retroactively starting from 1929. Our repudiation extends not only to the court but also to the Central Electoral Board (JCE, for its Spanish initials) and the Dominican government that for years have been denying the right to obtain birth certificates to this segment of the Dominican population. This statement has the political aim of creating an apartheid state that would legalize stateless and second-class citizen of the Dominican- Haitian status. In the future, the children of Haitian immigrants born in Dominican territory would not get citizenship.

Behind the statement is racist and xenophobic government Danilo Medina of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD ) and right-wing sectors grouped in the tiny National Progressive Force (FNP ) , led by a partner of the Trujillo dictatorship. The mainstream press has orchestrated a propaganda campaign in support of xenophobia and hatred directed Haitian immigrants. These arrangements include the pro – government newspaper Listin Diario, El Nacional and Diario Libre . What is hidden in this fierce media campaign of the ruling class in Santo Domingo is spreading division between Dominicans and Haitians and at the same time, anti – popular divert government attention and neoliberal policies .

Through the years, the PLD has become the political machinery of the conservative sectors of the Caribbean country under the leadership of former President Leonel Fernández who declared himself political heir of Joaquin Balaguer , the genocidal strongman responsible for the physical annihilation of thousands of young leftists , intellectuals and trade unionists in the early 70s.

With this ruling affects Dominican- Haitians, the current government of PLD in the interests of small and influential ruling class in this case is a small white minority. Senior LDP leaders meet their class : in fact, have become millionaires overnight through theft fostered by the party and the other traditional parties of the bourgeoisie. They have adopted racism , xenophobia and authoritarianism to maintain the system of oppression affecting Dominicans of Haitian descent and all popular sectors of the middle island.

We call on progressive organizations , unions and popular sectors worldwide to support the right to citizenship of Dominicans of Haitian descent and reject the Dominican government plans to conduct a civilian genocide against its own people.

Signed by the International Workers Unity – Fourth International (UIT -CI ) :

From Argentina :


Liliana Olivero , Member of Córdoba Left Front leader and Socialist Left .


Jose Castillo, Socialist Left leader and member of the AGD of UBA.Rubén “Pollo” Sobrero and Edgardo Reynoso , rail leaders Sarmiento Line Body of Delegates .

Angelica Lagunas , MP for Socialist Left in the FIT ( Commission directive ATEN Neuqu̩n Capital РMinority ) Juan Carlos Giordano (Director of The Socialist

Brazil : Joao Batista Araujo “Baba” , a former federal deputy, national leader of the CST in the PSOL , National Association of Independent Trade Unions STATES lutar PRA ; Pedro Rosa Cabral – Diretor Geral da Fasubra and do Sintuff coordinator , Wellington Cabral , leader of Sindicato dos Chemical São José dos Campos – São Paulo ,

From Bolivia : Carlos Rojas, former executive member fejuve ( Federation of Neighborhood Committees ) of El Alto , leader Alteña Coordinator for Dignity and Grouping The Protest

Carlos Barrera, former vice president of El Alto during fejuve gas war , 9th district neighborhood leader , Group leader Protest .

Chile : Rainier Rios , leader of the MST ( Socialist Workers Movement )

From Panama : Priscila Vazquez, leader of the Social Security Workers

From Peru : Enrique Fernández Chacón , a former MP and leader of Unite in the Fight

From Venezuela :

Orlando Chirino , National Coordinator of the union current CCURA .

José Bodas , Secretary General of the FUTPV ( United Federation of Petroleum Workers of Venezuela )

Miguel Angel Hernandez, a university professor and secretary general of the Socialism and Freedom Party ( PSL )


Emmanuel Santos ,  pro – immigrant rights activist and member of Socialist Core(USA)