Argentina: No to voter fraud against the revolutionary left

With 95% of the votes counted, Assemblywoman Liliana Olivero of the Workers Left Front (FIT) in the province of Cordoba, was declared the newly-elected ninth Congresswoman from the state.  Suddenly the outcome was changed and the seat she won was given to a candidate who happens to be the brother of the Mayor of Cordoba.

The FIT has asked for a complete vote recount in Cordoba, but a lower court rejected that request and granted a recount of only 35 ballot boxes out of several thousand.  The matter is now on appeal to a higher court.  Politicians and judges in power aim to silence the left in Congress to prevent it from continuing to be the voice of the oppressed.

We stand against any electoral fraud against the FIT in the recent legislative elections in Cordoba. We support the demand of the FIT to open all the ballot boxes for the sake of transparency and to clarify all the reported irregularities and manipulations during the elections.

Socialist Core