In response to an open letter to the Syrian Revolutionary left

The following is a response from the International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International and the International Liaison Committee (Workers Front, Turkey, Internationalist Left Spanish) to an open letter by the Syrian Revolutionary left

Dear comrades,

We received your call for support from Damascus in the heart of the  revolution against the dictatorship of the neoliberal murderer Bashar al-Assad. As we did before the revolutions in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain, we express our full support to the Syrian people in their struggle against this regime of terror against which the masses rebelled to end the repression and misery. We consider it a duty of every organization that calls itself revolutionary to side with this struggle.

The main actors of the Syrian revolution are the impoverished peasants, the workers and the college students who, with their impressive uprising, are paying a heavy price in unequal combat against this murderous regime. Starting from that perspective, we denounce the advocates of the fake, so-called “21st century socialism”, Chavez and Castro as well as the Stalinist parties who support Al-Assad and characterize him as “anti-imperialist” and “anti-Zionist”. We also reject all forms of imperialist intervention and the role of the CNS, the governments of Turkey and Qatar both of which are seeking a “negotiated solution” instead of the triumph of the Syrian revolution. We believe that supporting the Syrian revolution or even being at its forefront is a dividing line in the revolutionary left and we know on which side we stand.

Your role as a revolutionary organization in this process is vital to ensure the defeat of the regime and the construction of a Syria for the workers. We want to offer you all the support we can give from our small and limited strength. We hope to receive concrete proposals from you so we can work on a solidarity campaign in support of the Syrian revolution.

We enclose the decision we made at the meeting last year in Istanbul on the Syrian revolution.

Revolutionary greetings.

Istanbul, November 2012.

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International.

International Liaison Committee (Workers Front, Turkey, Internationalist Left Spanish)