Don’t vote for Wall Street candidates

After the primaries, workers and the people should decide who they will choose for president. We cannot keep rewarding politicians who always end up ruling for corporate America with our votes

Barack Obama promised “change”—he said “yes we can”— and bailed out the bankers and the rich with our money. He bailed out bankers and GM and continues funding the Afghan invasion and the war while unemployment still is at 8%. There are millions out of work. There is no healthcare. Mitt Romney and Republicans talk and talk, but what they are doing is returning to the policies of the reactionary right wing-Bush and the Tea Party.

Socialist Core calls for support for a candidate independent of Wall Street. Workers, African-Americans, immigrants, women, youth as well as those mobilized to support Occupy Wall Street must support a left-wing candidate. To that end, we are calling for a vote for Stephen Durham as a Presidential candidate from the Freedom Socialist Party. Socialist Core fights for left wing unity. In that sense, this candidacy is a big step forward. A left vote would demand the following:

  • The rich pays for the crisis
  • Equal rights for all regardless of race, age, gender, immigration status, nationality, sexual orientation or physical ability. Also, to demand that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security be dismantled.
  • Tax the rich and restore federal and state programs that aid the poor. No cuts to Social Security. Free medical care for all, including for reproductive and abortion services. Demand an end to home foreclosures and evictions.
  • No money for the war, Money to create jobs; to fund education and for health care
  • Nationalization of the banks and the multibillion dollar multinational companies under workers control.
  • End the Afghan war.
  • End the Cuban Embargo. Shut down Guantanamo.
  • Solidarity with the Palestinian Struggle.
  • Support the people of Syria and the Arab world.
  • For a working class socialist government.
  • Solidarity with the struggles of people around the world.

Stephen Durham for president


Durham is a long-time supporter of union rights who has fought against discrimination; he opposes trade agreements that impoverish workers in the U.S. and around the world.   


Christina Lopez for Vice President


Lopez, is an advocate for immigrant rights and women defending those who are most affected by the economic crisis.


Freedom Socialist Party 2012 Platform