Call to action from Tunisia in solidarity with the Syrian people

The Syrian dictatorship is trying to massacre the people that are not giving up on their heroic resistance. The people of the city of Hamah have suffered constant bombardment that has claimed the lives of new martyrs. But the resistance continued. Already, dictators in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya have fallen. The imperialist governments in the U.S. and European Union and their allies in the rest of the world always supported those dictators and now they are doing so by giving more time for Bashar al-Asad with so-called “Peace Plan”.

We categorically reject all political and military intervention of imperialist powers. Only the world’s people can help the people of Syria, whose victory will be that of all peoples struggling for freedom like the Palestinians.

We call on workers and the people to mobilize and conduct joint actions throughout the world in support of the Syrian revolution.

Regueb, April 28, 2012

Tunisian General Labor Union (UGTT) (Regueb, Tunisia)

Association of families of the martyrs and wounded of the Revolution (Regueb, Tunisia)

 Union of Unemployed Graduates (Regueb, Tunisia)

 Cultural Association “Dialogue” (Regueb, Tunisia)

 People’s Movement (Regueb, Tunisia)

 Baas Party (Regueb, Tunisia)

 Association “Voice of Eva” (Regueb, Tunisia)

 Cultural Association “City Lights” (Regueb, Tunisia)

 International Workers Unity – Fourth International (UIT-CI)

Lucha Internacionalista (Spain)


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