The rebellious Libyan people defeat the Gaddafi dictatorship

Statement from the International Workers’ Unity (UIT-CI)

The latest reports indicate that Gaddafi’s dictatorial regime’s days are numbered. The rebellious Libyan people had entered Tripoli and control most of the Libyan capital.

The dictatorial regime of more than 40 years led by Colonel Gaddafi who began as a bourgeois-nationalist leader in the 70s and was transformed in recent years in an agent of imperialist interests –especially the Europeans—is falling. Gaddafi was starving and repressing his people who ended up hating him and the people took up in arms after Gaddafi signed a deal with the multinational oil companies.

The fall of Colonel Qaddafi’s dictatorship is a victory for the Libyan people who have been fighting since February against the savage repression of the dictator. It is part of the revolutionary process initiated in Tunisia and Egypt people by overthrowing their dictators.

This is not a victory for NATO as Obama and European imperialism intend to claim as their own. NATO troops, with their military intervention, just wanted to play down the genuine triumph of the Libyan people who had already decided to take up arms to overthrow the Gaddafist dictatorship. Let’s not forget that government representatives of NATO and the United States were honored guests in Tripoli on several occasions and they had business meetings with the dictator. Some of those who met with Gaddafi were Sarkozy, Zapatero, Berlusconi and even Condoleezza Rice all of whom congratulated him on his political metamorphosis. U.S. and European imperialism lie when they assert that it was NATO and Western “democracy” was triumphant in Libya. In fact, they only wanted to prevent a victory for the popular militia and, furthermore, they always sought a negotiated solution to allow them to defend their oil business and avoid the model of the Libyan armed people from spreading to Syria, Yemen or Bahrain.

Revolutionary socialists do not give any political support or create any expectations in the government of the Transitional National Council headed in the city of Benghazi by Mustafa Abdul Jalil. Jalil, a former minister of Gaddafi, along with former officials and political business forces seek to negotiate with imperialism and the multinationals.

Therefore, the UIT-CI believes that the sacrifice of Libyan fighter people cannot be handed over to imperialism. The rebellious Libyan people always rejected that NATO military forces invade the country and questioned the NATO bombings.

The total fall of the dictatorship of Colonel Qaddafi –celebrated by hundreds of thousands— will open a new stage in the Libyan Revolution in which only a government of the militia, youth and workers can guaranteed a fundamental change in Libya.

We regret that at this time, the dictator Gaddafi receives solidarity from governments and political leaders like Hugo Chavez, Venezuela’s president, who claims to be an anti-imperialist and a socialist. President Chavez is perfectly aware that for a number of years, the multinational oil companies controlled the sought-after light oil from Libya with the support of Gaddafi’s dictatorial regime. It is unacceptable that he wants to fool the people saying that this is a triumph of NATO and of imperialism when in fact it is a spectacular democratic victory achieved by the Libyan people.

The UIT-CI calls on the peoples of the world to continue expressing solidarity with the struggle of the rebellious people of Libya until the total collapse of the Gaddafi regime. We demand that the murderer Gaddafi and his henchmen be put in jail, put on trial and punished; down with the NATO intervention in Libya, all arms to the people and no disbanding of the popular militias.

 International Executive Committee of the UIT-CI

 (International Workers’ Unity)

August 25, 2011