We condemn the killing of the young worker Mariano Ferreyra in Argentina and demand a trial to punish his murderers


On behalf of the International Workers Unity (UIT-CI) we want to express our condolences and unconditional solidarity with  the  victim’s relatives,  railway workers, and Partido Obrero (Worker’s Party) , the party Mariano Ferreyra was a militant of.

The murder of Mariano Ferreyra is without doubt another crime perpetrated by the Argentinean labor bureaucracy; it was carried out by thugs under the orders of the millionaire mobster and Railway Union bureaucrat, José Pedraza, who attacked a group of protesters demanding the reinstatement of outsourced workers. In addition, there are several wounded and a female comrade remains in delicate condition. This criminal attack was backed by police who “liberated” the area for the murderers to act with impunity.

After the murder, the government of Cristina Kirchner stated that “we must get to the perpetrators and instigators [of this attack].” But the perpetrators of these heinous acts are friends of the Kirchners! One of them is Pedraza, the union bureaucrat (who used to support Menem and now days supports Kirchner ); the same Pedraza that endorsed  privatization and  lives off state benefits and outsourcing the railroad sector ; This  Pedraza would never accept an independent rank and file worker slate to run in the unions because he would lose since the majority of railway workers hate him. This bureaucrat should be arrested already, but there is still no arrest! The government of Cristina Kirchner is covering up for the union thugs to suppress the labor struggle.

This new crime is part of widespread persecution of workers and popular fighters in Latin America. This persecution includes the criminalization of protest; anti-strike laws that penalize both strikes and road blockades; and the murder of unionists by thugs, murders these governments cover up. This is the case in Honduras and Colombia ; it is the case in Panama with the murder of dozens of union leaders and peasants in Boca Raton; in Venezuela where the Class Unity Revolutionary Current inside UNT(National Workers Union)  lost 7 of its leaders killed by hit-men in Aragua state; in Brazil where the killing of peasant leaders continues; in Bolivia with the recent murder of two farmers in Caranavi; in Peru where police shoot indigenous peasants and miners frequently  or in Mexico, where criminal gangs also kill left- wing activists with total impunity.

So far there has not been one single trial in any of these cases, and each of those governments state that the murderers cannot be found.  The so-called judicial system; employers and governments are aiding and abetting those murders in an attempt to curb working class and popular struggles and stop workers from demanding reforms and structural changes.

Those who stand on the side of workers’ struggles, peasants, indigenous and exploited sectors must unite as a single fist. In response to each attack, we must mobilize immediately by organizing strikes, demonstrations and organizing self-defense units comprised of workers and popular organizations- while  protecting popular activists or leaders who are either being persecuted or threatened. While the political situation is not the same in all countries, the only thing that can stop these attacks is a massive mobilization to punish the murderers. In Argentina there are historical experiences that attest to this. Recently, the reaction against Mariano Ferreyra’s murder brought together the unity of leftist organizations, railroad workers and subway (metro, stopping both the railway system and the subway. Those mobilizations pushed the CAT (minority independent union) to call for a national strike which it did eventually. This in addition to the massive demo held in Plaza de Mayo (Plaza de Mayo Square) and in all major cities of the country. In contrast, the CGT, the historic General Confederation of Workers, which remains in the hands of a corrupt bureaucracy led by Pedraza, issued a formal rejection to the murder without calling for any labor actions.

It is necessary to strengthen the mobilization and coordination achieved in these days, to oust the union bureaucracy and demand a trial to punish the murderers.

Orlando Chirino, Miguel Hernández, José Bodas- Unidad Socialista de Izquierda (USI), de Venezuela
Miguel Sorans, Juan Carlos Giordano, Liliana Olivero, Jos̩ Castillo РIzquierda Socialista, de Argentina
Enrique Fernández, Jorge Auques – Uníos en la Lucha, de Perú
Babá, Silvia Santos, Willigton Cabral- Corriente Socialista de los Trabajadores (CST), del PSOL de Brasil
Miguel Vivas- Uníos, de Colombia
Alvaro Saumeth, Alternativa Socialista, sección simpatizante de Colombia
Priscila Vázquez, Propuesta Socialista, de Panamá
Carlos Rojas – La Protesta ,Bolivia

International Workers Unity (Fourth International)