Socialist Core founded in the United States

Late June, was formed in New York City Socialist Core. International Worker’s Unity ( political perspective sympathizers, some independent and others from different organizations gave the kick off.

The goals of Socialist Core are internationalism, workers’ struggles and the mobilization of the working class in the U.S. and all over the world in their struggle for their rights and working class gains.  Defending the rights of immigrants, minorities and all oppressed sectors will be some of the most important targets.

We also join the fight against the oppression of the most powerful imperialist state in the world and support people’s liberation struggle from U.S. imperialism. We demand the immediate withdrawal of U.S.and NATO troops from Iraq and Afghanistan; the end of Palestinian people oppression; the dismantling of Israel Zionist state; and the creation of a unique Palestine that integrates all sectors in a secular, democratic and non racist state.

The global imperialist system is permanently squeezing the people with evil mechanisms such as  foreign debts, a huge concentration of capital, the destruction of the environment and natural resources which is leading to the degradation of the planet and is becoming increasingly unsustainable. The international working class, leading other oppressed popular sectors has the answer; our mission is to support their struggle with the prospect of the triumph of world socialist revolution.

For the organizing committee of Socialist Core

Emmanuel Santos
Brian Millar
Rodolfo Tirabarro

June, 2010