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Western Sahara War: We support the Sahrawi people in their struggle to end the Moroccan occupation

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI) Lire en français Western Sahara ceasefire in force since 1991 blew to smithereens on 13 November, after the Moroccan monarchy launched a military attack against Sahrawi demonstrators who were blocking Guerguerat road running across five … Continue reading

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Donald Trump was defeated!

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International In the IWU-FI we share the celebrations of workers, the anti-racist movement and the majority of the American people, as well as people from other countries. On 7 November it was confirmed that President Donald Trump … Continue reading

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The US 2020 Elections: Where Do We Stand?

The following is a statement by Socialist Core on the upcoming 2020 US presidential elections The upcoming presidential elections in the United States will take place at a crucial moment in world history. The capitalist economic system is currently facing … Continue reading

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What does Trump get out of his conflict with China?

The so-called “trade war” unleashed by Trump against China opens a whole series of questions and debates. What is the real magnitude of this conflict? Is it essentially a “war” over technology? Or is it a kind of “cold war” … Continue reading

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