We repudiate the imperialist shelling on Syria!No to Trump’s killer missiles!


Ordered by the ultra-reactionary Donald Trump, the US, UK and France launched a criminal attack with missiles over places near the capital Damascus and Homs, in Syria.

They justify this attack as a retaliation for the chemical attack perpetrated by the dictator Bashar al Assad over Douma.

Our socialist current, the IWU-FI, has spent years repudiating Bashar al Assad dictatorship and his genocidal actions against Syrian people, military supported by reactionary Putin and the Ayatollahs regime of Iran.

That is why we also condemned al Assad bombing with chemical weapons over the city of Douma a few weeks ago.

Douma and the neighbourhoods of Ghouta are being subjected to a ferocious siege since 2013 and systematically bombed.

The regime and its allies bomb hospitals and civilians.

IWU-FI has been reporting on the permanent imperialist intervention of the US, together with the NATO and their allies, the petrol Arab monarchies and the Zionist State of Israel.

In this way, they support his military aggressions against the people in the Middle East, Syria, Iraq and, especially, against the heroic Palestine people.

Now we repudiate the bombing ordered by Trump.

We do not acknowledge imperialism any right  to pretend “justice” is served in this way.

Yank imperialism is the largest killer in history, with invasions and aggressions everywhere in the world.

We reject the hypocritical statements by the ultra-reactionary Donald Trump speaking about “humanism” and calling al Assad “a dictator”.

It is not the first time the US bomb Syria for “an hour”.

It happened with Obama in 2014 and with Trump a year ago.

Their actions are a smokescreen to show they are the world police and to hide that, in fact, they support al Assad, together with Russia and Iran.

They have been years negotiating and agreeing military actions with Russia with the argument of “defeating terrorism” in order to support the dictator Bashar al Assad who, since March 2011, saw his power at risk as hundred of thousand of Syrian people took to the streets.

Besides, Trump lets the Turkish Erdogan regime to massacre the Kurdish Syrian, in accordance with the killers al Assad and Putin.

We call the people of the world and the political, union, students and left organisations from around the world to express their disapproval to the imperialist bombing.

We also call to repudiate Assad regime and Putin and to express solidarity with the Syrian people.

Stop shelling Syria!

No to imperialist missiles!

Out all foreign military interventionsin Syria!

Down with Bashar al Assad dictatorship!

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI)

April 14, 2018


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Repudiamos bombardeo imperialista en Siria! No a los misiles asesinos de Trump!!

Por orden del ultra reaccionario Donald Trump, Estados Unidos, Gran Bretaña y Francia lanzaron un ataque criminal con misiles sobre  lugares cercanos  a la capital Damasco y a la localidad de Homs, en Siria.

Justifican su ataque como una represalia por el ataque químico perpetrado por el dictador Bashar al Assad en Duma.

Nuestra corriente socialista, la UIT-CI, lleva años repudiando a la dictadura de Bashar Al Assad y su accionar genocida  sobre el pueblo sirio, apoyado militarmente por el reaccionario Putin y el régimen de los ayatollas de Irán.  Por eso hemos también repudiado el bombardeo  de Al Assad con armas químicas en la ciudad de Duma semanas atrás. Duma y los barrios de Guta están siendo sometidos a un asedio feroz desde 2013 y a bombardeos constantes. El régimen y sus aliados bombardean hospitales y a la población civil.

También la UIT-CI viene denunciando la permanente intervención imperialista de Estados Unidos  unida a la OTAN  y a sus aliados de las monarquías árabes petroleras y el estado sionista de Israel. Así avalan sus agresiones militares sobre los pueblos de Medio Oriente, en Siria, Irak y, en especial, contra el heroico pueblo palestino.

Ahora también repudiamos el bombardeo ordenado por Trump. No le reconocemos ningún derecho al imperialismo para pretender hacer “justicia”. El imperialismo yanqui es el mayor asesino de la historia con sus invasiones y agresiones en el mundo. Rechazamos las declaraciones hipócritas  del ultra reaccionario Donald Trump  que habla de “humanismo” y del “dictador Al Assad”. No es la primera vez que los EE.UU. hacen un bombardeo de “una hora” en Siria. Ya pasó con Obama en 2014 y con el mismo Trump hace un año. Son acciones son una “cortina de humo” para mostrar que son los gendarmes del mundo y esconder que, en realidad, sostienen a Al Assad junto a Rusia e Irán.  Llevan años negociando y acordando acciones militares con Rusia para  con el argumento de “derrotar el terrorismo”  seguir sosteniendo  al dictador. A Bashar Al Assad,  que desde marzo 2011 vio peligrar su poder cuando centenares de miles de sirios salieron a repudiar en las calles. Por otro lado, Trump deja que el régimen turco de Erdogan masacre al pueblo kurdo de Siria, en acuerdo con los asesinos Al Assad y Putin.

Llamamos a los pueblos del mundo y a las organizaciones que políticas, sindicales, estudiantiles y de la izquierda mundial a expresar su repudio al bombardeo imperialista. También convocamos a repudiar al régimen de Assad-Putin y a solidarizarse con el pueblo sirio.

Basta de bombardeos en Siria. No a los misiles imperialistas. Fuera todas las intervenciones militares extranjeras de Siria. Abajo la dictadura de Bashar al Assad.

Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores-Cuarta Internacional (UIT-CI)



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We repudiate Douma chemical attack! Stop the massacre of Syrian civilian!


Over 150 dead and 1,000 injured was the result of a new chemical attack on the city of Douma, in Ghouta, this weekend.

This city is one of the areas controlled by militias opposed to dictator Bashar Al Assad. It is considered strategic, as it is near Damascus, capital of the country. The chemical attack is part of the genocidal counter-offensive of Al Assad and his allies Russia and Iran. His aim is to do away with resistance and to strengthen the dictatorship.

The Syrian army and its allies launched an offensive to conquer the region in February. Over 1,600 civilians died in the last weeks, thousands were injured and an estimation of over 130,000 flew for the violence in the region. Douma and other neighbourhoods in Ghouta are subjected to a ferocious siege since 2013 and constant bombings. The regime and their allies shell hospitals and civilians.

Only this year, at least three chlorine attacks have been registered, when it was assumed that Al Assad had “surrendered” all chemical arsenal.

We also reject the hypocritical statements of. “Repudiation” from the ultra-reactionary Donald Trump. He allows Erdoban’s Turkish regime massacre the Syrian Kurds, in agreement with Al Assad and Putin.

We call for the international solidarity with the people of Douma, in Ghouta, criminally attacked by Al Assad and his armed forces. We demand to cease the chemical attacks and the cease of shelling. At the same time, we insist on the military interventions of Russia, Iran, US, Europe and the regional powers should retire.

Stop the massacre of Syrian people!

Solidarity with the people of Douma and Ghouta!

Off with Russia, Iran, the US and the NATO from Syria!

 Down with Bashar Al Assad!

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (IWU-FI)

9 April 2018


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International Solidarity Days with Catalan people’s fight on 14 and 15 April


The persecution of the separatist leaders and the restraint to democratic liberties are aggravating in Catalonia.

There is a leap in the repressive offensive. Against the separatist leaders, the members of the government and the former president of the Catalan parliament. The detention and imprisonment and the extradition orders were issued against former president Carles Puigdemont (exiled in Germany) and the other members of his government. The same with the leaders exiled in Scotland, Belgium or Switzerland.

Also, hundreds of activists, teachers, firefighters, councillors and mayors are being summoned to appear before the court.

The result of this repressive escalation is more political prisoners, exiles, hundreds of defendants and over 1,500 wounded in demonstrations these months.

The massive protests against Puigdemont’s arrest and for the freedom of the political prisoners were a strong response from the Catalan people.

German judges released Puigdemont and rejected to extradite him on rebellion charges. A drawback to the Spanish State government and its judges.

Though extradition risk is still pending.

Mariano Rajoy government and the state judiciary apparatus will pursue the persecution of the activists.

The monarchic Spanish State seeks to weaken Catalan people in their fight for national self-determination.

Their aim is not only to end the independent Catalan republic but also to exert a defeat in the service of new austerity measures against the workers and people in Catalonia and in the Spanish State.

The repressive escalation started after the 1 October referendum where the Catalan people decided on their self-determination as an independent Republic and they ratified this in the 3 October general strike last year.

In front of this situation, the monarchic Spanish State imposed direct rule over Parliament and the Generalitat and occupied Catalonia with National Police and Military Police.

Likewise, the tampering with democratic liberties is showed in the attack on the freedom of expression. Websites and other communication media are censored.

In the International Workers’ Unity Fourth International (UIT-CI), we believe fundamental to recover popular demonstration to stop repression and end the offensive of the reactionary government of Rajoy and for the independent Catalan Republic.

The Catalan leaders demobilised policy and their search for negotiations with the regime, headed by Puigdemont and his allies, have weakened the separatist movement.

Facing this situation, the unitary platform With Catalonia calls on mobilising on 14 and 15 April in Barcelona, the Spanish State and in all the world in support of the Catalan people fight.

An international appeal for the political prisoners and all the people that suffer the attacks of Rajoy government and the monarchic regime, inside and outside Catalonia.

UIT-CI adhere to this call to develop the broadest international solidarity with the fight of the Catalan people.

We call political, student and union organisations, social movements that claim to stand up for democratic rights and the self-determination of the peoples to organise in each country, unitary actions in front of embassies and consulates of the Spanish State, from the freedom of the political prisoners, the end of the persecution and repression. For a free Catalonia.

All the solidarity with the fight of the Catalan people.

Freedom to political prisoners.

No to Puigdemont extradition!

Enough persecution and criminalisation of separatists!

Long live free Catalonia!

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (UIT-CI)

6 April 2018


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We repudiate the recent assassination of Palestinians in Gaza


Since Friday 30 March, the Israeli military personnel have killed 16 young Palestinians and injured over 1,400, some of them seriously wounded. They used artillery, snipers and even airplanes.

They murderously repressed the Land Day Demonstration. It is a quiet protest of the Palestinians in Gaza Strip. They called for the implementation of paragraph 11 of the 194 UN resolution which determines that all refugee that wishes to return to their homes could do so as soon as possible.

During six weeks up to Nakba Day (Catastrophe) several demonstrations have been set up for the return of Palestinian refugees. Nakba Day was the date when Israeli occupation started. Palestinians commemorate the date as the anniversary of their mass displacement and uprooting during the 1948 war.

Photograph: Mohammed Salem/Reuters via The Guardian

On Friday 30th, the Israeli military Zionists attacked and shot thousands of Palestinians at point blank. Those Palestinians were marching with their families.

All cities in Cisjordania, in the east of occupied Palestine, and the Gaza Strip, are on a general strike to accuse the tyranny of the Israeli regime that uses unreasonable force to suppress brutally a peaceful Return Demonstration in Gaza.

The Palestine Information Centre revealed that on Saturday 31st, every day activities will be paralyzed in the territory: no cars on the streets and on educational centres and universities, and stores will be closed.

Pro human rights activists have called for a demonstration this midday in Nablus, north of the occupied Cisjordania.

Around the world rejection expands against this new criminal Zionist action, endorsed by imperialism and Donald Trump.

Stop aggression to the Palestinian people! Down with the racist War and the oppressor in Cisjordania! Free all Palestinian prisoners! Down with Israeli Apartheid State!

Only a unique State, secular, democratic and non-racist in Palestine there will be peace in the territory. A State with equal rights to every citizen, including Jews that accept this State with liberties. Out the imperialism from Palestine and Middle East. In IWU-FI we side with the international repudiation and appeal to unitary actions of disapproval to these atrocities.

Stop repression on Land Day! Unconditional support to resistance of the Palestinian people!

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (UIT-CI)

31 March 2018




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Freedom to Puigdemont! Stop persecution of the Catalan people!

Photo: ElDiario.es

The former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, was arrested in Germany at the request of the president of the Spanish state, Rajoy. His detention takes place in a framework of a repressive offensive against the Catalan people and the independentists.  Members of the government and leaders of the main Catalan popular organisations are in prison. Rajoy’s regime and the monarchy seeks to intimidate the Catalan people in their struggle for their national self-determination.

The response of the Catalan people was immediate. Thousands went out to repudiate the detention of Puigdemont. Summoned by the Catalan National Association (ANC) and the self-proclaimed Catalan “Committees for the Defense of the Republic” (CDRs), workers, youth and the Catalan people demanded  a general strike and the freedom of Puigdemont and all political prisoners and persecuted since October 2017. The government of Rajoy responded with more repression, with nine detainees and more than 98 injured. There is a risk that the government of Angela Merkel, in solidarity with the repressive government of Rajoy, will concede the extradition of Puigdemont.

From the International Workers’s Unity-Fourth International (UIT-CI) we repudiate the detention of Puigdemont, we demand their freedom and of all political prisoners, as well as an end to the persecution and prosecution of the Catalan independence fighters. We call for the widest international solidarity with the Catalan people in defense of Free Catalonia and in repudiation of all forms of repression, criminalization and judicialization.

International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International (UIT-CI)

26 March, 2018


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¡Libertad a Puigdemont! ¡Basta de persecución al pueblo Catalán!

El ex presidente catalán Carles Puigdemont, fue detenido en Alemania por pedido del gobierno del estado español de Rajoy. Su detención se da en un marco de una ofensiva represiva contra el pueblo catalán y los independentistas con prisión para miembros del gobierno y dirigentes de las principales organizaciones populares catalanas.  El régimen de Rajoy y la monarquía busca intimidar al pueblo catalán en su lucha por su autodeterminación nacional.

La respuesta del pueblo catalán no se hizo esperar. Miles salieron  a repudiar la detención de Puigdemont. Convocados por  la Asociación Nacional Catalana (ANC) y los autodenominados “Comités de Defensa de la República” catalana (CDRs), trabajadores, jóvenes y el pueblo catalán exigieron la huelga general y pidieron la libertad de Puigdemont y de todos los presos políticos y perseguidos desde octubre del 2017. El gobierno de Rajoy respondió con más represión, dando un saldo de nueve detenidos y más de 98 heridos. Existe el peligro que el gobierno de Angela Merkel, solidario con el gobierno represor de Rajoy, avance con la extradición de Puigdemont.

Desde la Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores-Cuarta Internacional (UIT-CI) repudiamos la detención de Puigdemont, exigimos su libertad y la de  todos los presos políticos, así como el fin de la persecución y judicialización de los luchadores independistas catalanes. Llamamos a la más amplia solidaridad internacional con el pueblo catalán en defensa de Catalunya Libre y en repudio a toda forma de represión, criminalización y judicialización.

Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores-Cuarta Internacional (UIT-CI)

26 de marzo de 2018


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We repudiate Marielle Franco’s assassination in Brazil!

Photo: PSOL

We state our strongest repudiation of Marielle Franco’s murder, a councillor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the PSOL (Socialism and Liberty Party). Her murder occurred on Wednesday 14, at night, in the centre of the city, on her return from the event “Young Black Women Shaking Structures”. Marielle was benchmark for the fight against police violence in the favelas (shanty towns) and was critically positioned against military intervention in Rio de Janeiro.

Marielle Franco was a black, feminist woman activist, a prominent member of the PSOL and an activist for human rights. Marielle knew very well police violence since she came from Marè Resort favela on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro. From a young age she began her political career as an activist in the defence of black women’s rights and in denouncing police violence. In 2016 she was the fifth politician most voted in the elections to municipal councillor in the city of Rio de Janeiro as a member of PSOL.

Her murder occurred a month after the president of Brazil, Michel Temer, ordered the federal military intervention of Rio de Janeiro. Since then, Marielle was appointed special rapporteur of the Council Commission, created to oversee police operations. The day before her murder, she had condemned the brutal and gruesome action of the Military Police in the region of Irajá, in the community of Acari. For this reason, her crime it is not at random: the car in which she was traveling was shot and her killers fled without stealing anything from her.

From the International Workers’ Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI) We are in solidarity with their families, friends and comrades. In addition, we demand the investigation of the facts, a trial and punishment for those guilty of this crime. We join all samples of repudiation that have been made in the world and we call for actions demanding investigation and punishment in front of embassies and/or consulates of Brazil in each country. We continue the struggle of Marielle for the rights of women, against repression and the austerity plans from Temer.

Statement from International Workers’ Unity – Fourth International (IWU-FI)

15 March 2018



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¡Repudiamos el asesinato de Marielle Franco en Brasil!

Expresamos nuestro más enérgico repudio al asesinato de Marielle Franco, concejal en Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, por el PSOL (Partido Socialismo y Libertad). Su asesinato ocurrió el miércoles 14, por la noche, en el centro de la ciudad, cuando volvía de participar del evento Jóvenes Negras Moviendo Estructuras. Marielle era una referente de la lucha contra la violencia policial en las favelas y se había posicionado críticamente frente a la  intervención Militar en Rio de Janeiro.

Marielle Franco era una mujer negra, luchadora feminista, destacada militante del PSOL y una gran activista por los derechos humanos. Marielle conocía muy bien la violencia policial, ya que era procedente del complejo de favelas de Marè en la periferia de Rio de Janeiro. Desde joven comenzó su vida política como  activista en la defensa de los derechos de las mujeres negras y en denuncia de la violencia policial. En el año 2016 había sido la quinta más votada en las elecciones a concejal en la Ciudad de Rio de Janeiro por parte del PSOL.

Su asesinato ocurrió un mes después de que el presidente de Brasil, Michel Temer, decretara la intervención militar federal en la seguridad de Rio de Janeiro. Desde entonces, Marielle fue nombrada relatora de la comisión del Concejo creada para fiscalizar las operaciones policiales. El día anterior a su asesinato, denunció la acción brutal y truculenta de la Policía Militar en la región de Irajá, en la comunidad de Acari. Por eso, su crimen no es casualidad: el auto donde viajaba fue tiroteado y sus asesinos huyeron sin llevarse ninguna pertenencia.

Desde la Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores-Cuarta Internacional (UIT-CI) nos solidarizamos con sus familias, amigos y compañeros de militancia. Asimismo, exigimos la investigación de los hechos y juicio y castigo para los culpables de este crimen político. Nos sumamos a todas las muestras de repudio que se han  hecho en el mundo y convocamos a realizar acciones unitarias exigiendo investigación y castigo frente a embajadas y/o consulados del Brasil en cada país. Llamamos a seguir la lucha de Marielle por los derechos de las mujeres, contra la represión y los planes de ajuste de Temer.

Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores-Cuarta Internacional (UIT-CI)

15 de marzo de 2018


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8 March: International Working Women’s Day #Westrike


In 1910, Clara Zetkin, one of the main socialist and feminist leaders, proposed 8 March as International Women’s Day at the Second International Conference of Socialist Women in Copenhagen; vindicating, especially, the more than 15,000 textile workers who mobilised in New York in March 1908 demanding a reduction of working hours, better wages, and the right to vote. Gone are 110 years since those historic days of struggle and our best tribute is to continue mobilised for our rights.

After a year in which we women have been protagonists of great struggles around the world against labour reforms and austerity plans in countries like France, Brazil, Panama, or Argentina; where we have demonstrated against sexist violence and femicide, from Mexico and Peru to the Spanish State, Italy, and Turkey; where we demanded the right to abortion as in Chile, Bolivia, or Poland; where we demanded basic freedoms like going out alone on the street, managing or deciding how to dress like in the Arab Emirates and Iran; this year in over 200 cities around the world we want to be protagonists of the Second International Women’s Strike in history. We want to show how we women organise ourselves, using globally the strike, the method of struggle of the working class, to curb the austerity plans that capitalist governments apply around the world and that hit us, women, particularly. The massive mobilisations in the United States, to mark the first year of Trump, account for this and with the slogan “Women at the head of the resistance” showed the fight is not only against the misogynist and racist verbiage of the president but against all his policy of attacking our rights. We will also denounce the complicity of the Vatican against the rights of women, such as the right to abortion and sex education without dogmas.

Recently, an Oxfam report published that 82 percent of the world’s wealth generated during 2017 went to the hands of the richest one percent of the world’s population. According to these data, the most affected are women, who suffer higher levels of discrimination in the workplace and assume most of the unpaid care work. This is why we are the poorest of the poor and we organise ourselves to face this capitalist and patriarchal system that overexploits us.

This 8 March, we have the great challenge of promoting the organisation of women independently of governments and bosses organisations that seek to stop our mobilization, with repression or diverting it to the polls, without attacking the pillars of patriarchal capitalism. Therefore, it will not be the day of Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Erna Solberg, or Michelle Bachelet, Dilma Rousseff, or Cristina Kirchner, because they are bosses politicians who rule or ruled against women’s rights.

Instead, it will be the day of gaoled Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi and the thousands of Palestinians who resist the imperialist occupation by the Zionist settlers; it will be the day of the women migrants who die in the seas or in front of the walls the repressors raise; it will be the day of Syrian women refugees fleeing from hunger and the criminal actions of al-Assad, Russia, the USA, and all foreign powers; of the Kurdish women fighters who suffer and face the criminal aggression of the Turkish army. It will be the day of the women migrants who do the worst qualified work and of all the women workers who go out to fight for wage increases, better working conditions and against employment discrimination.

It will be our day, of all of us who fight against all kinds of gender violence; those who want to end trafficking networks for sexual exploitation; those who fight for the right to legal, safe, and free abortion. That is why, from the International Workers Unity – Fourth International, we call to organize a great day of struggle on 8 March and to make heard the voice of working women who face the austerity plans of all capitalist governments.

Women will not pay the crisis. The governments are responsible. Enough of adjustment plans around the world. Same work, same salary. Separation of church and state Enough of femicides, violence, and trafficking networks Not one less. We want us Live and Free  Legal, safe, and free abortion.

Long live the International Working Women’s Day! Long live our struggles around the world!

International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWU–FI)

February 2018


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