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What kind of world are we heading to after the Coronavirus?

The severity of the coronavirus crisis and its consequences has opened a debate about what the world will look like after the pandemic. Dozens of articles are being written. Some are betting on a supposed return of the “role of … Continue reading

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¿A qué mundo iríamos después del coronavirus?

La gravedad de la crisis del coronavirus y sus consecuencias ha abierto un debate sobre cómo será el mundo luego de la pandemia. Se escriben decenas de artículos. Algunos apuestan a una supuesta vuelta del “rol del estado” y a … Continue reading

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Let the capitalists pay for the coronavirus crisis, not the working class and the people!

IThe world is suffering a calamity. The coronavirus pandemic is spreading out of control. There are hundreds of thousands infected and thousands of dead. What is happening in the world is unprecedented. Borders are being closed, millions of people and … Continue reading

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