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Venezuela: We repudiate the coup attempt!

A coup attempt is ongoing, summoned by Guaido, the National Assembly bosses’ parties and sponsored by Donald Trump and the United States. A military sector has released Leopoldo Lopez, who was under house arrest, and they have stationed in front … Continue reading

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Venezuela: ¡Repudiamos el intento de golpe militar!

Está en curso un intento de golpe militar, convocado por Guaidó, los partidos patronales de la Asamblea Nacional, y auspiciado por Donald Trump y Estados Unidos. Un sector militar ha liberado a Leopoldo López, quien se encontraba en arresto domiciliario, … Continue reading

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Nicaragua: We demand the immediate appearance and liberation of Yader Parajon!

On Tuesday 16 April 2019, the Nicaraguan police kidnapped young Yader Parajon from his home. Since then, we know nothing of his whereabouts. Yader is an important student activist against the dictatorship of Daniel Ortega and his wife Rosario Murillo. … Continue reading

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No to Assange extradition to the US! We repudiate Lenin Moreno, Trump’s lackey! 

The British police arrested Julian Assange on 11 April in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, as Lenin Moreno’s government had revoked the political asylum granted to him in 2012. They admitted acting based on a request for extradition by the … Continue reading

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¡No a la extradición de Assange a EE.UU.! ¡Repudio a Lenin Moreno, lacayo de Trump!

Julian Assange fue detenido el 11 de abril en la embajada ecuatoriana en Londres, luego de que el gobierno de Lenin Moreno revocara el asilo político que se le había concedido en 2012. La policía británica admitió que actuó en … Continue reading

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