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Why wasn’t there a new October revolution?

By Miguel Sorans* Español One hundred years have gone by and a similar victory has not been repeated. What is the cause? Is the struggle for workers and popular power no longer valid? Is it utopian to fight for workers’ … Continue reading

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¿Por qué no hubo una nueva revolución de octubre?

Por Miguel Sorans* Han pasado 100 años y no se ha repetido un triunfo similar. ¿Cuál es la causa? ¿No va más la lucha por el poder obrero y popular? ¿Es utópico luchar por gobiernos de los trabajadores y el … Continue reading

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Sixth Congress IWU–FI:Unity of Revolutionaries Advances

By Miguel Sorans, Leader of Izquierda Socialista  [Socialist Left] and the IWU-FI Between July 6 and 9, the Sixth Congress of the International Workers Unity – Fourth International was held in Buenos Aires. A pole of reorganisation of the revolutionaries … Continue reading

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Maduro holds on to power with repressive measures

By Simón Rodríguez Porras* Originally published in Without popular support and with growing divisions within chavismo, Maduro’s government has relied on the military for his violent attacks on the large wave of popular demonstrations that began on April 4. Two … Continue reading

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