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Egypt: New labor unions founded by activists

The following was originally published in Spanish in Correspondencia Internacional issue 30, May/August 2011. _________________________________ By José Castillo The old building belonging to the Journalists’ Union in downtown Cairo is a magnificent work of architecture. From looking at it, one … Continue reading

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Egipto: Activistas fundan nuevos sindicatos

El siguiente articulo apareció en Correspondencia Internacional N° 30 correspondiente a Mayo∙Agosto. ________________________________________ Por José Castillo El viejo edificio del Sindicato de Periodistas, en el centro de El Cairo, es de una arquitectura imponente. De sólo mirarlo, uno se da … Continue reading

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The Arab revolution sweeps the world

The following article was originally published in Spanish in Correspondencia Internacional, Issue 30, May /August 2011. ________________________________________ By Miguel Sorans The Arab revolution began in Tunisia. It was the spark that triggered the rest. It took a step forward with the colossal Egyptian revolution … Continue reading

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US:One step forward, two steps back

Last month’s legalization of same-sex marriage in New York was a small step forward. Already, politicians are taking credit for this milestone; such is the case of New York Democratic Gov.-Cuomo who is using this to advance his own political agenda. … Continue reading

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