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Labor unions must mobilize to fight the far right

The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia where far right nationalists and neo-nazis wreaked havoc on this Southern city resulting in the death of one person and many injured calls for a strong response from the left and working class people … Continue reading

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Unite the Struggles to Defeat the Offensive Against the Workers and the Peoples of the World Led by Donald Trump and Imperialism

Español Here we are publishing an international appeal by the International Workers Unity-Fourth International (UWI-FI) calling on all revolutionaries to unite and fight against the new capitalist offensive and imperialism.-SC The rise of Donald Trump to the presidency of the … Continue reading

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¡Por la unidad de las luchas para derrotar la ofensiva contra los trabajadores y los pueblos encabezada por Donald Trump y el imperialismo!

A continuación hacemos público un llamamiento internacional de la Unidad Internacional de Trabajadores-Cuarta Internacional por la unidad de todos los revolucionarios para enfrentar la nueva ofensiva anti-obrera e imperialista. El ascenso a la presidencia de Estados Unidos de Donald Trump constituye … Continue reading

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