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Remembering Nahuel Moreno

By Mercedes Petit Editor’s note: We are publishing this article in commemoration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the death of Argentinian Trotskyist Nahuel Moreno. During the post-war years and after the assassination of Leon Trostky in Mexico, Moreno and a … Continue reading

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In response to Emeterio Gómez

The following is the response from Orlando Chirino to a letter published in El Universal of Caracas By Orlando Chirino Emeterio, you ask me in an open letter published In El Universal: “What is the true socialism that I defend?”. But … Continue reading

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The American Civil War

By Mercedes Petit This year marks the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War that abolished slavery in the United States and changed the course of history. We publish here an article by Mercedes Petit that looks at the origins … Continue reading

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Against sectarianism

Explanatory note: In 1938 Leon Trotsky drafted the Transitional Program as part of the debates that took place during the founding of the Fourth International. Today there are many organizations whose goal is to build a new international. One of them is the International Workers … Continue reading

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Contra el sectarismo

Nota Explicativa: En 1938  Leon Trotsky elaboro  el Programa de Transición como parte del debate en torno a construcción de la IV Internacional. Existen muchas organizaciones cuyo objetivo es construir una nueva internacional. La Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores (UIT-CI) es … Continue reading

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