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¡Repudiamos los bombardeos del ejército de los EE UU sobre Bagdad!

El asesinato del comandante de la Guardia Revolucionaria de Irán, general Qasem Soleimani y de varios líderes chiitas iraquíes en el Aeropuerto de Bagdad, mediante misiles disparados desde drones, que Estados Unidos denominó hipócritamente de “medidas defensivas”, es parte de … Continue reading

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Venezuela: In Defense of Professor Keymer Avila’s Research Amid Police Violence in Venezuela

Political dissidents in Venezuela are under constant threat of violence from the Maduro regime. This is the case of Professor Keymer Avila. We publish here a statement in solidarity with Professor Keymer Avila by around two hundred Venezuelan. Socialist Core … Continue reading

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Colombia: Support the National Strike

For the past two weeks, Colombia’s trade union centres have been preparing a major national strike for 21 November. We expect it to be the largest in years and millions will mobilise against the austerity measures of Duque government endorsed … Continue reading

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Bolivia: We Reject the Attempt to Impose a Right-Wing Reactionary Government

The right mounted on the popular mobilisation and seeks to take over the government We reject the attempt to impose a right-wing reactionary government, either transitory or through constitutional succession. – Immediate call for an emergency COB (Workers’ Central Union) … Continue reading

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Líbano: Revuelta popular contra la política de austeridad del gobierno ¡El pueblo quiere que se marche el régimen!

En Líbano desde el 17 de octubre siguen las movilizaciones más masivas de la historia del país contra las políticas de austeridad que el gobierno puso en marcha. Empezando especialmente por Beirut y en muchas de las ciudades del país, … Continue reading

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What does Trump get out of his conflict with China?

The so-called “trade war” unleashed by Trump against China opens a whole series of questions and debates. What is the real magnitude of this conflict? Is it essentially a “war” over technology? Or is it a kind of “cold war” … Continue reading

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China/Hong Kong: Thousands on the streets for more freedoms

In recent weeks hundreds of thousands of young people mobilised in Hong Kong, initially against the extradition law promoted by the pro-Beijing government of Carrie Lam’s, and then to take up again the democratic slogans that promoted the massive mobilisations … Continue reading

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Free Louisa Hanoune and all political prisoners in Algeria

The Algerian people are still mobilised to demand an end to the dictatorial regime of hunger and poverty and in defence of democratic freedoms, after having achieved the resignation of dictator Abdelaziz Bouteflika. However, the Constitutional Council postponed the 4 … Continue reading

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Joint RCIT and IWU-CI declaration: Stop the new aggression of Israel in Gaza!!!

Stop the new aggression of Israel in Gaza!!! Once again, the Israeli government has intensified its campaign of terror against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip. In the past 48 hours, the Israeli air force and navy have killed … Continue reading

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No to Assange extradition to the US! We repudiate Lenin Moreno, Trump’s lackey! 

The British police arrested Julian Assange on 11 April in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, as Lenin Moreno’s government had revoked the political asylum granted to him in 2012. They admitted acting based on a request for extradition by the … Continue reading

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