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Socialist Core in solidarity with Socialist Resurgence comrades

As a response to a right wing attack on Socialist Resurgence on the last week of August, Socialist Core and the International Workers Unity sent a written message of solidarity to our fellow comrades. On September 4, one of our … Continue reading

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Nicaragua Free all political prisoners now!

Nicaragua is facing an overwhelming social and economic crisis, in which the struggle for the liberation of political prisoners and the denunciation of the continued harassment of activists and their families is of enormous importance. As of August 5, there … Continue reading

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Nicaragua ¡Libertad a todos los presos políticos ya!

Nicaragua enfrenta una agobiante crisis social y económica, en cuyo marco la lucha por la liberación de los presos políticos y la denuncia del continuo hostigamiento a los luchadores sociales y sus familiares es de enorme importancia. Al 5 de … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter: Justice for George Floyd!

Statement on the killing of George Floyd by a racist cop Black people in the United States suffer racist violence at an alarming rate at the hands of the police. The lynching of George Floyd by a white cop in … Continue reading

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Anti-racist uprising in America! Justice for George Floyd!

Statement by the International Workers’ Unity-Fourth International On a racist police officer smothered 25 May, George Floyd, a 46-year-old African-American worker, on a public street in Minneapolis, while other officers held off a group of people trying to stop the … Continue reading

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¡Levantamiento antirracista en EEUU! ¡Justicia para George Floyd!

Unidad Internacional de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores-Cuarta Internacional El 25 de mayo, George Floyd, un trabajador afroestadounidense de 46 años, fue asfixiado por un policía racista en la vía pública de Minneapolis, mientras otros efectivos mantenían a raya a un grupo … Continue reading

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The Progressive International is founded. A New Workers’ Internationalism?

by Miguel Lamas On Monday 11 May, the official launch of the Progressive International (PI) took place, a worldwide political movement that claims to fight “for democracy and equality” and brings together important political and social organisations and intellectuals. The … Continue reading

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International appeal: Let’s fight for a global workers’ and peoples’ emergency plan

Let the capitalists pay for the coronavirus crisis! The Covid pandemic19 is being used by imperialism, capitalist governments and big business to unload the crisis on the working class and popular sectors of the world. Already millions are suffering from … Continue reading

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Llamamiento: Luchemos por un plan global de emergencia obrero y popular

¡Que la crisis del coronavirus la paguen los capitalistas! La pandemia del Covid19 está siendo utilizada por el imperialismo, los gobiernos capitalistas y los grandes empresarios para buscar descargar la crisis sobre la clase trabajadora y los sectores populares del … Continue reading

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What kind of world are we heading to after the Coronavirus?

The severity of the coronavirus crisis and its consequences has opened a debate about what the world will look like after the pandemic. Dozens of articles are being written. Some are betting on a supposed return of the “role of … Continue reading

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