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The UK’s EU referendum: Vote leave European Union

Español| Français| Portugués On June 23rd a referendum is being held to decide whether Britain should stay or leave EU. It will be the second referendum: the first was held in 1975 and 67 % decided on staying in the … Continue reading

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We condemn the Orlando Massacre

We publish here a statement in condemnation of the massacre in Orlando Florida. We express our solidarity with all the victims’ families and loved ones.-Socialist Core On the dawn of June, 12th, an armed man entered the gay club Pulse … Continue reading

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Repudio a la masacre de Orlando, EEUU

Unidad Internacional de los Trabajadores-Cuarta Internacional (UIT-CI) En la madrugada del domingo, 12 de junio, un hombre con armas de fuego irrumpió en el club nocturno “Pulse”, frecuentado por sectores de la comunidad gay y arremetió a tiros contra la … Continue reading

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Crisis in Brazil and proposals from the left

Brazil a political crisis after the debacle of the PT government. We are publishing here a list of proposals from the Socialist Workers Current inside the PSOL coalition party. Considering the current political situation the CST proposes the following: Português … Continue reading

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In support of Verizon workers on strike

We express solidarity with Verizon workers who went on strike on April 13th all across the United States. Verizon workers–40,000 strong– are fighting to demand higher wages and end capitalist greed.  With this strike, Verizon workers are  also standing up  … Continue reading

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Between Havana and Buenos Aires: The reasons for Obama’s trip to Cuba

By Miguel Sorans Español  | Português Many wonder why Obama is traveling to Argentina on 24 March on the 40th anniversary of the genocidal coup backed by the US. Obama is not interested in having demonstrations or rejections of his … Continue reading

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Five years of revolution in Syria

Statement by the International Workers Unity Español March 15 marks five years of the popular uprising against dictatorship of Al-Assad in Syria. Since then, not for a single day have the Syrian people stopped fighting heroically for their freedom against … Continue reading

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France: Pour la défense des droits ouvriers et démocratiques

Since the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, France, the French government has enacted a number of repressive measures to destroy democratic gains and weaken the labor movement. We publish here a statement in French by the International Workers Unity-Fourth … Continue reading

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US Primaries: What is the Sanders phenomenon?

By Silvia Santos * Español |Português As in the rest of the world, new winds are blowing in the political arena of the United States. Faced with a social crisis that advances relentlessly, with its attendant unemployment, low wages and no … Continue reading

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The Tragedy of 21st Century Refugees

By Mercedes Petit Español The terrible images of the refugees show that this is a humanitarian catastrophe that was covered up by capitalist governments. According to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR), the number of refugees and displaced … Continue reading

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